The Rose Ring

The glorious rose ring is a classic silver piece from the Great Frog of London. It became notable in the Zarry fandom when first Zayn was seen wearing it in his Evening Star photoshoot in late 2016. No one really thought the ring was very significant at that point, as they assumed it was just a ring that Zayn likely picked up at the photoshoot (please note Zayn has other rings from the Great Frog shop so the rose ring could’ve been his own ring he brought to the photoshoot.)

ES Shoot Behind The Scenes (Video)

The ring became famous however, when mere months later (in March 2017) Harry emerged to promote his debut solo album and was seen wearing the exact same ring. Many speculated the likelihood of Harry having purchased his own ring, since Harry admitted later in 2017 that his rings were all gifts during the Grammy Museum performance.

So it begs the question (as always with Zarry) what are the odds? How could this possibly be a coincidence? That they both emerge with the same ring around the same time? Especially considering this ring was not a new piece that they were commissioned to promote by Great Frog, since the ring has been around at the Great Frog for many years. It’s one of their classic pieces.

From the 70s

It’s also proven to be a ring of sentimental value to Harry (in addition to being a gift) since he wore it every day for nearly two years. He only removed it once (for one pointed day) following his emotional performance of Still The One at MSG in June 2018, a show where there is great evidence for Zayn attending. It would seem Harry removed the ring for that one day just to let us all know who exactly his Still The One performance at MSG was for. Zayn. Who appears to be the original owner of his rose ring.

Harry and Zayn at MSG June 2018 (Video)

Harry then removed the rose ring for good in September 2018 ( it was NOT lost at an Ariana Grande concert in 2019) following what appeared to be a second major breaking point in Zayn and Harry’s relationship, post-One Direction. It was immediately replaced weeks later with the golden cross ring.

We will always, love, honor, and cherish the gorgeous rose ring, and the whole of 2017-2018 where it was more than apparent that Zarry were involved with each other again behind the scenes.

Most direct Zarry proof from 2018 alone. (Video)

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