The Spraypainted Metal Box

This is one of the most direct, bona fide, and irrefutable proofs of Zayn and Harry’s private relationship.

In early September 2013, after Zayn and Perrie’s engagement had been announced in late August, Harry began tweeting what some could consider “anti-marriage” lyrics. The first began on September 9, 2013, where he tweeted lyrics to an Augustana song “Rest, Shame, Love”

Accompanying those “anti-marriage” lyrics, he also posted a picture of a metal box with a pink heart spraypainted onto it on Instagram.

Little did anyone know at the time that not only was this a direct message to Zayn in regards to his brash decision to get engaged so young and to the wrong person, but people don’t realize this metal box is near Zayn’s house.

Zayn would later UNWITTINGLY repost the exact same box years later in April 2016, with a new image spray-painted onto it, unknowingly exposing his and Harry’s relationship. What corroborates the idea that this box is near Zayn’s house is:

1) Zayn is the one who always spray-painted. It was his hobby and passion and Harry picked it up after him.

2) Zayn still had access to this box years later while he and Harry were estranged following his abrupt departure from the band.

Therefore, it stands to reason that Harry went over to Zayn’s house and left this heart spray-painted on this box before posting it across his social media with the message that he was hurt over the engagement. On the same day he posted this pink heart (or the very next day) he got the rose tattoo.

(See Harry’s second “anti-marriage” tweet here: My Old Man)

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