The Tackle Hug (Video)

What I love so much about this iconic moment, apart from how romantic and pure it is, is the fact that it was born out of a little fight that was quickly forgiven. We all know how sensitive Zayn can be when he feels he’s being slighted somehow: “I wouldn’t pick any of you, because none of you picked me.”

So I think he gets 10x as defensive and sensitive when it comes to Harry teasing him, because normally Harry is his safe person who does everything he can to make sure Zayn never feels alienated, overlooked, or embarrassed. Watch proof of that here!

Therefore, in this moment in Dublin in March 2013, after Harry unintentionally teases Zayn about the way he said “sing it” and Liam joins in and Zayn becomes a laughingstock for a minute, Zayn walks away with his bff Louis and Harry can’t stand Zayn being upset with him for a minute, so before Zayn can even sit completely and be mad at Harry for a moment, Harry is already rushing him with a tackle hug in a plea for forgiveness.

I love the thought that Zayn was feeling bad and betrayed by Harry so he turned to Louis, but that only lasts a fraction of a minute because by the time he turns around Zayn’s face cracks into a big smile because he sees Harry running to him 🙁 “You’re still the one I run to…the one that I belong to…” (Still The One: MSG 2018)

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