The Zarry Cross (Video)

This is yet another fascinating Zarry mystery. It’s difficult to explain what the meaning behind the cross may be to them, especially considering neither of them are professed Christians, but I do believe they have taken on the cross to represent their relationship in some peculiar way. Especially Harry.

Apart from God/Christ, things that the Cross/Crucifix represents in Christianity are: Unconditional love, immortal love, sacrifice, persecution, salvation, protection, remembrance, hope, and promise.

I personally believe they have taken on the symbol of the cross to represent these weighty concepts in regards to each other. Since they are in a relationship that they are unable to speak on for fear of persecution (because for many cultures and religions it is still considered unnatural or ‘wrong’) the cross could be a continued reminder of what they mean to each other, and also what they have endured/overcome together.

I’m not entirely sure what it all means, but I am enamored of this Zarry mystery. Regardless of whether we ever learn exactly what it means to them (because it seems deeply private) what remains clear is that Harry at least began associating his cross to Zayn in 2013, when he went and got the cross tattoo on his hand a day or two after Zayn got the Perrie tattoo in June 2013.

Also worthy of note, Zayn used to wear crosses first since 2010, but he eventually stopped. Harry began wearing crosses behind Zayn in 2012, and like anything else he does for Zayn, he does it religiously, daily, and emphatically.

After years of not wearing a cross, and knowing that Harry has been wearing them devoutly since 2012, Zayn put a cross back on for his Vibez music video, as well as pants that had crosses all over them. For Zayn, this is beyond loud. It’s far louder than the green & gold earring and the Bode in the “Better” music video in my opinion. This screamed Harry! Not only that, but the crosses he wore on his pants were by Chrome Hearts, which means it’s the exact same cross that is on Harry’s golden cross ring that replaced the rose ring in 2018. That is so precious of Zayn to do.

Harry kissing his cross tattoo for Zayn:

Arghhhh! The way he just drops his wrist after the first cross kiss in the second video above, with Zayn running towards him. It was Zayn’s last show in Hong Kong and you can tell Harry felt so defeated because of how strongly he loves him. It’s like Harry hates that he has this compulsion for Zayn now 🙁 He literally can’t help himself when he does it. Ouch!!!

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  1. I know this has nothing to do with the crosses or their current situation 😐or jewellery 💍, but I was watching some 1d songs and in ‘History’ Harry is wearing a yellow shirt almost exactly the same as the one Zayn had told him he’d look good in

    Thanks for making this website atleast you can say your opinion without Larr**s attacking you❤️❤️❤️

  2. Did you ever notice how their songs blue and fine line match lyrics to George Micheals Song Faith? And it could be why Harry wears a cross necklace and why Zayn put a guy with one cross earring in his Flames video. Harry also sampled Faith for Anna and when Zayn performed It’s You solo on Honda Stage he wore leather jacket and it had Faith spray painted all over it. Also Harry cover Ultralight beam wear he says “I’m trying to keep my faith but I’m looking for more” and in George Michaels Faith it says “before this river becomes an ocean” “but I’ll wait for something more”. It goes back to River Road. Just a lot I’ve been thinking about. Idk

    1. and let’s not forget the careless whisper lyrics on Harry’s feet! and Z’s ‘we’re just dancing in the dark again’ among many lyrical references to their dancing bond 🥺

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