Top 10 Most Viewed Posts

In honor of the desperate people trying to shut down Zarry accounts on IG, I thought I’d make a post celebrating my top 10 most viewed posts!

Questions, Requests, Random Discussion (Over 45K Views)

1 – Staged Zigi Pap Walk (3/25/21)

2 – Zigi Being Pathetic

3 – Harry + Olivia

4 – Zayn’s Grammy Diss

5 – Why Larry & Zarry Are Not The Same

6 – Zayn GQ Covers + New Song

7- Fine Line (Album Theory)

8 – Zayn’s “Hurt” + Harry’s “Lies”

9 – If I Could Fly, WITW, Olivia, & Perfect

10 – Lights Up

There were actually TONS of ties (posts that had the same amount of views in the top 10 range) so I had to choose the posts I thought best represented the website, (I wish I could add them all.) But ya’ll are super supportive and April has been our most viewed and visited month by far! Thank you!

PAGE TWO: My Top 10 Favorite Posts

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