Tulsa | September 2014 (Video)

Some of my absolute favorite Zarry moments come from the Tulsa Oklahoma show in late 2014, and here’s why. 1) It established they were more in love in late 2014 than ever before, even after all these years. 2) It was a heart-wrenching glimpse at Harry’s reaction to Zayn’s eating disorder that he admittedly suffered in late 2014, where we see he was super attentive towards him onstage and watching his every move. Of course, along with that came loads of open flirtation and the sweetest heart kiss of them all!

The energy between Zarry this day was palpable. Their feelings for each other had deepened and matured, and as a result were uncontrollable. This is the passion with which they entered 2015 and were abruptly separated by unfortunate circumstances.

Other days Zarry were obsessed with each other:

Cardiff 2013

Columbus 2013

iHeart Music Festival 2014

AMAs 2014

Los Premios 40 Principales 2014

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  1. there were a lot of scenes between Harry and Zayn in Tulsa… one of then was when Harry pointed to Z during C’mon C’mon while Z sang “I’ll be watching all night” after Harry’s solo… Also during Little Things when Harry asked the guys who controlled their earpieces to cut all the others except Zayn’s during Niall’s solo (i was lmao after with Liam)..

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