Zarry Are Still Playing 1950 (Video)

According to King Princess, the queer writer/performer of the ingenious “1950,” playing 1950 can be defined by:

“Queer love was only able to exist privately for a long time, expressed in society through coded art forms. I wrote this song as a story of unrequited love in my own life, doing my best to acknowledge and pay homage to that part of history.”

She then elaborates:

“I was reading a lot of gay literature and there was one book, The Price of Salt that really stuck with me because it’s just a beautiful story, and I think what I loved about it was it took place in the ‘50s and the way that queer people were allowed to be public was so censored it and it was all about body language and this kind of icy interaction because you had to hide yourself and so I was interested in the parallel between the metaphor of 1950 being how queer love looks in public and how it’s very similar to having a very cold relationship.”


These metaphors perfectly describe Zarry’s ongoing relationship, especially after the dizzying euphoria they shared so openly in 2013. Larries try to use similar logic to justify the apparent death of the Larry bromance after 2012, but the notion of “playing 1950” does not apply to Larry.

Mainly because it’s clear Harry and Louis were never romantically involved (since during the height of Larry in 2011 strong traces of Zarry’s romance was already apparent, from them sharing the same bed to snuggling unabashedly in plain view to tender handholding caught candidly on film) but also because after Larry’s friendship died in early 2012, they became totally indifferent towards one another. They were not behaving coldly towards one another as some sort of pretense to hide their secret love affair, they were not interacting because they simply didn’t want to and had no inclination to. Simply put, they had outgrown their friendship.

When it comes to Zayn and Harry, however, it was manifestly difficult for them to pretend to be uninvolved or emotionally uninvested, and they often failed at playing 1950, thereby giving us glimpses into the relationship that persisted between them behind closed doors.

Examples of them failing at ‘playing 1950’: Them slipping up and playing with each other’s fingers at the 2014 AMAs, Harry’s tell-tale body language in multiple interviews in late 2014 revealing his desperation and longing for Zayn, Harry kissing his hearts for Zayn at every given opportunity, Harry dropping the lyric ‘you weigh’ while Zayn was ill with an eating disorder, and lastly Zayn writing in his secret 2014 song for Harry “I Won’t Mind’ that they “are who we are when no one’s watching”.

Watch here (The 1950 part starts at 12:20)

Watch starting at 12:20

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    1. It could be a double reference,but SS is generally used to point out to Stream Ship of a boat,though even I believe there was no reason for Zayn to show such details.

  1. I understand what you’re saying in your other post about finding it hard to see them together since news of Khai came out last year. I feel sad for both of them and want them both to be happy. I also understand why you said all that. I too get tired of some of the antics going on in the media and feel as though how can they return to one another at this place and time. I am happy if they are happy wherever they are. Tired of seeing Olivia everytime I try to look up about Harry. I know she isn’t Gigi but the media is on and on about Olivia and Harry. I don’t know what to think about their new situation and think what is he doing sometimes. I have watched Olivia in House and The O.C. I did like her in both of those shows but I honestly don’t know what to think about her in this situation with Harry. I can see why he would be tired of being hurt and wanting someone to love him for himself, but I just don’t got a good feeling about the two of them together. Zayn is a whole other situation. I hate that he is hiding away again. Once you have a child it changes you so much and I really think it has brought him happiness to some extent. Though the whole Zayn and G. thing seems so strange to me because it feels like she tries way too hard and he doesn’t show any kind of normal and healthy way of living with her. I know he said he doesn’t want to have to show the public what she means to him. I think a couple together should just be happy and live their lives together like any other couple in the spotlight. Sure I think he does care for her to some extent but he doesn’t even acknowledge her at all really in any kind of normal way 🤔. I feel like if he really wants us to believe what they’re trying to sell he needs to step it up. Also I was excited at the the release of better last year and he seems to have dropped the ball 😕 for me. I love his music and all but why did he have to stop all interaction again? 😔

  2. Hey superstar A.D! You are hard at work creating all of this content both Zarry related and non Zarry subjects. I want Zarry to just embrace each other privately, stop tormenting each other and stop milking life. They spent too long apart, their hearts can only be mended by the other. Give your hearts the healing and medicine it needs, each other’s, fully and wholeheartedly.

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