Zarry Ended One Direction (Video)

Read it and weep. It’s simple really:

There is no One Direction without Harry Styles, and there is no Harry Styles in One Direction without Zayn.

Zayn left the band in March 2015 very abruptly and with no real explanation. Many people attributed it to “stress” and cheating rumors. The only problem is, however, that he had been “stressed” before in the past; so much so that he was suffering from a serious eating disorder in late 2014. Now I submit to you that he was NOT more stressed in March 2015 than he was in November 2014, back when the stress was making him visibly ill.

He also had multiple cheating rumors/scandals in the past. The one with him holding the girl’s hand in a pic in Thailand in no way compares to the pics of him in bed that a stripper provided to tabloids in early 2013.

Zayn caught with a stripper 2013
She wasn’t a waitress, she was a dancer.

So why did Zayn suddenly reach a breaking point in March 2015 when he had survived all these other catastropic events? Harry. That’s why.

I personally believe Harry is the main cause/motivator of Zayn leaving the band abruptly in March 2015 for many reasons, but the main two being:

1.) There is proof positive that Harry was aware Zayn was leaving (not wanted to leave, but WAS leaving) the band soon in early 2015 before he actually left. I have outlined that proof in multiple videos, but it mainly centers around Harry’s behavior at the time, and his dropping/altering specific lyrics in key songs to send a message (starting after Valentine’s Day in February 2015.)

2.) Inadvertently proving my theory correct (that Zarry had been at odds during the Bangkok show in March 2015) Joe Cummings emerged in August 2019 to inform us through highly credible information that he had met Harry Styles in a bar called Smalls in Bangkok on March 14, 2015, and that Harry had gotten drunk and vented about Zayn after a fallout in a “semi-poetic stream of consciousness.”

Watch proof of The Bangkok Situation.

Directly following Zayn’s departure, Harry would push for the indefinite 1D hiatus against the wishes of the other three members. What’s notable here is: not only does this action of Harry’s disprove that he was in love with Louis or Niall since he voluntarily wanted to leave an environment they were in against their wishes (simply because Zayn left the band) but also it proves he left FOR Zayn, because to this day Harry asserts that he was HAPPY IN ONE DIRECTION. So why leave when he did, at the height of their success?? Nothing about his explanations of suddenly wanting to make decisions for himself are plausible. Watch more about Harry pushing for the hiatus and the other boys refusing here:

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  1. I enjoyed the video on youtube that covered about Sign of the Times and its meaning my huisband sees the lyrics meaning something different about a mum dying from child birth. It doesnt make sense to me being Harry says we dont talk enough (if just born of course you dont).
    It also doesnt fit into the album with what it meant to Harry you delved more into the meaning behind sign of the times Im hoping we get to see that part of the video you made again with you wondeful indepth thoughts of sign of the times. Thank you

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