Zarry Tattooing Each Other (Video)

Zayn’s Friday Tattoo

Zarry Matching Tattoo Guide

Zarry are the only two members confirmed to have tattooed each other, and they did it more than once. There is photographic and video proof.

5 Replies to “Zarry Tattooing Each Other (Video)”

  1. Following your lead, I did more investigative work on the image of Harry tattooing Zayn and just found that it is a photo manip. 🙁 Sorry about that. Ignore my previous comment. I wouldn’t want to be responsible for any false info on Zarry.

  2. The way Harry always kept Zayn very close to his heart after his departure from 1D, by bringing him up in interviews 🥺💚💛 he always has to keep him close somehow.

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