Gigi vs Harry (At A Glance)

This is not an in-depth look at this controversial topic, just a dump of comparison photos. It is mainly to demonstrate that Zayn always treated Harry as a person he was dating. (i.e. a girl).

He would go out of his way to flatter him in order to make him smile, he would elevate him in conversation with others, he openly talked about how sexy he was; repeatedly (something he did not do with any other 1D member despite being in love with Liam lol.) And lastly his body language and demeanor around Harry was always tender, attentive, overprotective, possessive, and thirsty af. More so than we’ve ever seen him demonstrate towards Gigi (or Perrie), even in their staged PR photo/video shoots.

Harry was not Zayn’s dude-bro bandmate friend. He was his lover.

7 Replies to “Gigi vs Harry (At A Glance)”

  1. So out of pure boredom I was browsing through IG and suddenly I stumbled upon Gigi’s one of the recent posts ‘The one with Zayn smoking with Gigi it was posted after the baby was born’ so I was browsing through the comments and there were ones telling ho they are perfect and etc etc but then they started bashing Z for smoking and vaping and how that will effect the baby and I totally agree that it’s not good for the baby’s health but they weren’t saying a thing to Gigi. They noticed Zayn smoking but they didn’t noticed Gigi holding a bloody lighter and started to talk shit about great, wonderful and ace of a woman Gigi is and how she is stuck with Z.. I mean what the hell! They were so baised and they were victimizing Gigi cause she is stuck with a stoner and looser and the most thing that hit me hard was that how Gigi didn’t deleted the comments and it’s a known fact Z is a emotional person and she knows this might effect him I mean it would effect anyone after hearing so much hate about them and it happened before if I’m not wrong (making Z the villain) so if you love him so much want to have a forever with him why didn’t you just disabled the comments for that post? It’s ridiculous. I like Gigi but this thing made me so upset.

  2. I can’t help but root for them. It makes me sad to think of them moving on. Z not posting with her or ever acknowledging her and putting little H stuff in mv and pictures, makes it hard. G is gonna do what’s good for G and Zigi but Z not actually doing the dirty work makes it harder for me to think H and Z shd move on.

    1. this so a mature thing to say ,i’m so moved right now because even tho z is like a closed book what i can see is he is trying to deal with his own demons and if the have a future together it would actually be the best if he is strong and able to stand for the 2 of them in the future maybe it one of the reason z always hesitate to give h what he want i mean if he feel he is not in a good mind he wont drag h in a public relationship if he can’t handle his own mental health,let just pray the 2 of them being healthy

  3. I totally agree with all you said about why you stop analyzing nil.i have been feeling this way ever since the baby news,but just had hope.but right now i think it’s best Harry move on as it seems he is doing,just hope he really is doing so.i feel for him so much.zayn will never be open and harry deserve better.

  4. He prepared well to cover G’s tat,already starting a daisy mandala to cover in future🤭,though it looks like he made a Holland tunnel for a nose too🤪

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