Zarry’s Matching Tattoo Guide (Video)

Zayn was the first 1D member to get tattoos in 2011. Shortly after, Harry followed and began getting tattoos behind him. They were the only two getting tattoos until late 2012 when Louis and Liam came along and infringed on their tattoo bond. Three things make Zarry’s tattoos completely different from the other boys’, and show they had a special tattoo bond.

  1. They mutually and consciously got identical tattoos, like the black hearts, the hip tattoos, or the Pink Floyd Prisms. They both got tattoos behind each other. Sometimes immediately. Harry factually never ever got tattoos behind Louis.

2. They tattooed each other. They are the only boys who admittedly and are proven to have tattooed each other more than once. The “Friday” Tattoo, The “A” for Anne, and the ankle screws (but there are likely more they did on each other that we don’t know about.) No other 1D member has admitted to tattooing another and it cannot be proven no matter how much Larries claim it.

3. Also, Harry and Zayn were the first to tattoo the ankle screws onto each other when they were alone in a hotel room in New York. There is audio evidence here.

It is apparent that tattoos mean more to them than the average person, which is why they still have the most overall ink of all the other boys. It is also apparent that at times Louis infringed on their tattoo bond by trying to bait Larries with his tattoo choices and timing, always following behind Harry. I have repeatedly debunked the idea that Harry mutually got matching tattoos with him. That is a myth and an obnoxious lie. (Larry Tattoo Debunk)

All of Zarry’s Matching Tattoos (Identical & Corresponding)

  1. The Heart
  2. The Pink Floyd DSOTM Prism
  3. Matching Hip Dialogue
  4. “LOVE” Tattoo
  5. Rose Tattoo
  6. Skull Tattoos in Fancy Attire
  7. Tiger Tattoo
  8. Sisters’ Names In A Different Language
  9. Moms’ First Initials Tattoo
  10. The Zarry Ankle Screw
  11. Mic and Sweet Disposition Lyrics
  12. Harry’s Rose Tattoo
  13. Guns & Roses Tattoos

Here is a chart of the way the boys got tattoos and who influenced who, if at all. Notice something? Harry never ever got tattoos behind Louis, and he never copied Louis’ tattoo ideas like he did with Zayn. Fact.

3 Replies to “Zarry’s Matching Tattoo Guide (Video)”

  1. I don’t know why but Zayn’s 25 neck tattoo reminds me of the t-shirts 1d wore as thing 1 through thing 6 including Paul.. Harry was thing 2 and Zayn was thing 5. Let me know if it is my hyper imaginative mind or a thought worth pondering.. 💚💛💚💛💚💛

  2. Absolutely loved this and the Larry debunk was amazingly insightful! Also what do you think about the careless whisper lyrics on Harry’s feet? I mean we know about Zarry and dancing on Z’s part (‘dirty dancing on top of the table’ + that cute little Tulsa jump when H kisses his heart after the catch, bright, one chance to dance) but this one could be significant on H’s part right? considering it’s George Michael’s… (Faith – ’emotion, devotion, notion’ –> Z’s blue, H’s fine line the song)

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