Matching Rose Tattoo

Harry got his rose tattoo in September 2013 after Zayn’s fake engagement to Perrie was announced. Here’s why this timing is important. Harry got this tattoo during the same time he posted the spray-painted pink heart on the metal box, likely outside of Zayn’s house (Zayn would later post this same exact box in April 2016).

With his September 2013 post, Harry would add the caption:

Can’t love, can’t hurt.”

This is actually a lyric from a Augustana song called “Hurt, Shame, Love.”

Harry tweeted more anti-marriage lyrics in the same month (September 2013) after Zayn’s engagement announcement when he tweeted:

We don’t need no piece of paper from the city hall.”

This is a lyric from a Joni Mitchell song called “My Old Man”.

In consideration of the timing of all this, it is highly likely Harry got the rose as a reaction to Zayn’s fake engagement to Perrie Edwards.

Later in mid-2018 (a year Zarry were suspected by many to have been involved on a romantic level), Zayn would return the favor and get a large rose head tattoo, which is very similar to Harry’s (being a single black rose with a stem and thorns.) This would be the first part in a two part head tattoo that Zayn got done to represent Zarry. The Lotus & the Rose.

Learn more about the rose ring here!

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