Zarry’s Secret 2011 Hand Hold (Video)

This is Zarry’s sweetest and most telling secret handhold, from late 2011. This is a time where their dynamic became openly and casually intimate. It’s one of the purest moments I’ve ever seen between them, and it is such a powerful and romantic gesture that to this day Larries steal these images (like they do with many other highly convincing Zarry proofs) and lie to their followers and claim the hands belong to Louis and Harry. They don’t. They belong to Zayn and Harry. Harry has never touched Louis in this way and never would. Their relationship was not of a romantic nature, like Zarry’s was.

They had no shame this day. No inhibitions. They openly showed their feelings for each other in multiple tender ways.

Harry needing to hold him and touch him in any way…ugh…the beauty of this lies beyond words.

You can earnestly see their intimacy developing out in the open starting in late 2011, and this photoshoot was a pivotal, very telling one for them and their relationship.

To watch the video for the photoshoot, click here!

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  1. There’s an anti-Larry blog and YouTube channel I look at from time to time and she posted and read communications between the big Larry bloggers during May 2015, she posted them three years ago, so it was after the fact, but I would think nothing’s changed, the Larry bloggers didn’t want their followers to know Louis was in bars with women or that Harry was sad and not hanging around with the rest of the band, so they would advise other bloggers to repost cute fetus Larry stuff, especially when they thought “management” might be planning a “stunt”. The pinkie hand hold picture showed up on some Larry twitters a couple weeks ago, so I’m not sure what was going on in imaginary larry land at the time, but another Larry even told them it wasn’t Louis, so it must get circulated heavily to this day. They know they are being lied to and it doesn’t matter.

    There’s another photo from the early days that Larries claim and it is also Zayn and Harry, but because the larries claim it so hard, makes me feel like they did something to the original, I also can’t figure out how or why it was taken. There are photos from a party with all of One D and there are group photos and one of Harry and Zayn standing and hugging and then there’s a headless one of Harry and Zayn, you can tell by the clothes and it looks like a reclining hug or make out session, but I can’t figure out where the photographer would be standing and other photos from that night aren’t blurry and headless, so I’ve always thought that photo was dubious in it’s authenticity, while the pinky holding one is so cute, adorable and real.

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