Zarry’s Spray-painting Bond (Video)

We all know Zayn was the artist of the band, and that included graffiti art as well. He spray-painted a lot.

He spray-painted the walls in his houses, he spray-panted a dog statue for charity, he spray-paints in his music videos etc.

So above we see Harry watching him spray-paint quietly from behind. But we also know Harry began dabbling in spray-painting behind Zayn. The most notable instance was the pink heart spray-painted on the metal box near Zayn’s house.

Also, this is an image that Zarry spray-painted together.

Their relationship can’t be anymore involved or adorable. The way they just became each other. Sigh 🙁

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  1. When Zayn painted this said his favourite colour is green, I often wonder if that why Harry’s 🎤 mic was also that same shade of green he used for painting here. OR was it because he loved Harry’s, “gorgeous gorgeous green eyes” !!! His words in an interview not mine! But very curious about that.

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