Zayn GQ Covers + New Song

This post is for anyone who wants to discuss Zayn’s new photoshoots for GQ of India and Spain (smug face moon emoji)

And check out his new collab with Ingrid Michaelson (love her so much.) I won’t be analyzing this song, but would love to hear your thoughts!

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  1. *hi A.D. so this post looks long but it’s mostly because I have a bunch of single lines with lyric citations down near the bottom ahaha*

    To Begin Again got stuck in my head today, and I had some realizations about the lyrics: in his interviews, Zayn has said he basically had no hand in these lyrics, and yet many of the ones he sings (and even some that Ingrid sings) seem to be tailored to him.

    The really striking line for me is “When the world was ending / We looked up at the sky / And we talked about the last song that we’d play”, which parallels Ingrid’s “When the world was ending / I’d hold you in my arms / And we talked about the places we’d never been”. Ingrid’s lines sound like a universal reaction to the world ending (traveling the world is an experience most people can relate to), but “we talked about the last song that we’d play” sounds like an oddly specific ritual. I don’t think it’s a universal thing to play music with or have a running playlist with your significant other, and “the last song that we’d play” also doesn’t have any inherent relevance to the world ending, unlike travel, which involves going around the world.

    Which makes me think – since these lines are coming from Zayn’s mouth, one way for them to actually make sense is for them to be about Zayn departing 1D. Which would mean Zayn had a hand in the lyrics, and if that’s the case, these lines also stood out to me:

    ~ “They’d lift us to the stars” – Good Years connection? This whole stanza’s kind of cryptic to me, which would fit Zayn

    ~ “And the kids played as if nothing had happened” – this makes me think every time of Z’s daughter growing up without knowledge of what Z went through with H

    Lines that Ingrid sings:

    ~ “And we talked about the places we’d never been” – actually, yeah, this reminds me of “You will find me / in places we’ve never been” from Walking in the Wind

    ~ “But then the sun came right back” – maybe a stretch, since Ingrid sings this too, but we know about the whole Zarry gold/sun thread

    Also, if Ingrid really wrote this song alone and in response to the U.S.’s political turmoil and the COVID-19 crisis…why are there specific, two-person images like “I’d hold you in my arms” as well as the cover art for the song? Wouldn’t you want more universal lyrics that extended that sentiment to your entire audience, instead of giving it tones of a romantic relationship?

    1. You are absolutely spot on, Nd the fact that Z mentioned that this song is very personal to him. How would that be personal if it was meant to be written by Ingrid? I don’t quite think that’s the case. I feel and it does sound like a song he would write, the sort of dragging ends without a rhyme ending, more RnB style,

  2. I don’t think it’s only from smoking weed. Damage to the nose is something you often see with prolonged use of hard drugs (cocaine, meth…)

  3. Any ideas why Zayn’s mouth open in so many pictures? It looks quite of odd to me and a bit off putting/detracting to be honest. Maybe trouble breathing through his nose due to his smoking? He’s definitely still got gorgeous eyes, is very photogenic and the styling of the shoot is thoughtful and very complimentary to him. I noticed he posted the 2 GQ covers on his instagram.

    1. I wonder why too. It makes me angry sometimes in certain pics, because I can’t find it sexy since it’s clear he can’t breathe very well from his nose. Poor thing smh

      1. Definitely not sexy. It’s just hanging open no control. Kinda kid like. I feel very sad the photographer didn’t see it’s not an attractive look. Zayn is still very beautiful. There’s ways to work around mouth breathing. Just slightly parted lips is enough keeping tension in mouth/jaw can be very appealing. Even tentative almost smile to lift the lips would be be pensive but make the openness OK. I actually wondered if he has problem with his teeth. But I remember seeing him smile Vibez BTS which looked fine. Was nice to see actually. But nothing like his glorious smile from 1D times when his whole face lit up particularly with H.

    2. I don’t think it’s only from smoking weed. Damage to the nose is something you often see with prolonged use of hard drugs (cocaine, meth…)

  4. Wonder when Z’s going to put some more pressure on the Grammys? If he doesn’t take any more public actions on the matter then the motivation/timing of his Grammys’ tweets is suspect.

    1. I remember seeing quotes from articles before and after H got his Grammy nominations, in which he talked about white privilege and how no business has profited more from people of color than the music industry, so maybe he could join Z in his crusade.

      1. I’m not sure if Z is crusading. I feel the tweets were more an expression of frustration and as such had a short term impact but have now just faded into background noise.
        Yes Harry tweeted about the way he benefits simply from being white skinned and talked about the music industry being major beneficiary of racial inequity in his Variety HitMaker article (link below) and efforts his label (Columbia) and it’s parent (Sony) are making to remedy that. I feel that Harry is someone who does things quietly. He’s always promoted inclusive, safe and loving environment at his performances. He was talking “love is love” and acceptance of others back in his 1D days. Harry is someone walks rather than just talks. For his 2020 Jingle Bells H chose to perform with a group very talented poc artists. His Grammys performance also featured awesome poc talents.
        In H’s award acceptance for Arias, Variety and also Grammys Harry expressed appreciation that his label leaves him alone to make his music and lets him make the music he wants to make. I feel he is very conscious that he has creative freedoms that others in the industry do not enjoy. In his post Grammy’s interview H thanked his fans for giving the environment he has to make the music he wants to make. It’s particularly telling and important to him as Harry has repeatedly said he doesn’t write music with a commercial focus. He writes (performs/lives) from the heart and from a fans perspective. Harry is very aware how lucky he is and is grateful and doesn’t take it from granted because he knows that is could easily be different. But I think you make you own luck to some extent and Harry does so by being himself, by being kind to others, by developing his talents (vocal coaching, learning instruments, dance lessons, etc :)) and taking/making the most of every opportunity he is given.

  5. Hi AD❤️ I hope you are doing well. You said you have something to say about zayn’s gq interview before. Did you give up sharing this with us?

  6. No zayn is dick here and he don’t care about harry styles and his feelings .My mum she don’t know one direction and neither harry and zayn she don’t even know English but she knows that I love I guy whose name is harry so when I told her that he is gonna win the biggest award in music she was so happy but when I told her that one of his friend or dick tweeted these things before Grammys she told me it was soooooo wrong and even she knows that those tweets were about harry . I just want Harry to move on just move no another chance.currently m hating zayn I gues I don’t wanna watch his interview he is jus talking about his misus I mean seriously just fuck off. Plllllllllssss reply ad I pm you on Wattpad pllss reply .
    I love you soooooooooooooooooooooo much but less than Harry.

  7. Hi, first of all I want to blame myself for my bad english. 😉
    There is so much going on at the moment, I really don’t know what to think about everything.
    First zayns tweets, I mean the first one was bad, but the second tweet shortly before H performance that was …, I have no words for that. No matter what happend between them, nothing can justify this. He wanted to spoil his big day. And unfortunatly I think he did it. I was so proud of H his performance was sooo good😍 and he WON A GRAMMY, he was so cut and hot🥵. But sometimes his eyes looked sad and tired 😭. At that point I hoped H had broke up with Z and try to move on and become happy without him.
    But then there was the 18. March, the GQ photoshoot and the new song. Honestly, I was shocked when i saw the first pictures. I mean the cover is totally green, there is no other color than green. The Disney Shirt und key necklace, which looks like a planet or a solar system (something like that)… i’m very excited to read the interview.
    Then this song “to begin again”, the first time I heard it I cryed its so beautiful. And the fact that he promot it that way, I mean he done 4 or 5 interviews in 2 day (he didn’t gave any interview for his album), I think it really mean something to him and he want H to know that. In the interview he said “it meant something to me for sure, maybe a little bit more than usual, cause it is a very personal song” and “hopfully (the people) look to the positiv sentiment of the song too, that maybe we get a new chance to start something fresh, something new”, I think he speaks to H here. Also he said he wanted to do a song with ingrid because he is a huge fan, ingrid is working on the “notebook” musical, “the notebook” is Harrys favorit movie. It seems like he want to tell H “i still love you and i hope we can start again, i don’t know when, but i’ll do anything to make it happen.” ♥️
    When i think about all that i hope that they will be together someday. But when i think about these tweets i hope H try to move on and find someone who love and support him no matter what he is doing. There is so much going on at the moment and i don’t get it, it’s driving me crazy 🤯

    P.S. What do you think about H’s new ring, it looks like there is a bird on it? And the fact that he is wearing the banana pendant on the same necklace like the cross 🤭?

    OK, i have to stop that 🙈🤯🤣

  8. Unpopular opinion probably but it’s mine and I stand by it : I found him extremely cocky in his Grammy rant and during these multiple interviews he’s suddenly doing 2 months after his album release… The diss on Harry’s success at the Grammys, coming back with his facetious response about Niall being his favorite when the interviewers were ready to let him dodge the question, saying in GQ that « if he hasn’t collaborated with another artist, it’s because HE doesn’t want to », saying that he’s seen a great response to his album, and his general tone. I find him quite detached from reality tbh, and with somewhat of an illusion of grandeur (or at least a great lack of humility, and compassion toward H-that goes without saying).
    Dear A.D, I don’t know what you’re ready to share about the info you’ve received about Z, and I completely respect your reluctance to do it at this point. But I think it’s really time we all accept the hard facts and stop romanticizing their relationship to a fault. From what we’ve seen throughout their journey, a lot of behaviors from Z have been inconsiderate and extremely selfish, and I think it’s time we recognize the toxic and damaging aspects of their dynamic.

    1. Hey dear, I don’t think this opinion is very unpopular, I just think people are afraid to voice it. Good for you for speaking up about how you really feel. I think a lot of people were hurt about the Grammy situation and just want good things and positivity for Zarry, but it seems we may not every see that, at least not in public. It just saddens me. And I promise one day in the near future I will say all that I am leaving out with why I formed the opinions I did. Thanks for sharing your thoughts 🙂

  9. I dont know if you all listened to the interview with zach sang but zayn talking about tightrope as “running from something to finally accept what it is” is a major scream for me.

    1. Hi AD
      Saw your tweet about how your heart aches looking at H. And I agree, he’s not actually happy and you can tell in his eyes. It’s heartbreaking.
      There were a few really interesting things that stuck out to me from Z’s Zach S. interview.
      -He said he understands what Ingrid M. wanted to say in To Begin Again and that he felt that way many times in the last TWO years. That things are going a certain way and we could do with a fresh start. Interesting how she relates it to the pandemic mainly but he thinks about something else that hasn’t been going great in the last two years…
      -He mentioned how his songs on NIL fit together (despite sounding so different from each other sonically) because he felt the same sentiment writing them. They’re connected through the lyrics, which sounds like he was writing about the same person or relationship throughout.
      -When he was asked about tightrope he hesitated for a second then said it’s about understanding certain things and appreciating them. Instead of running from something, he’s accepting it. Which sounds like he’s working on accepting himself.
      All of this is so confusing when you think about his tweets and I hope he apologized to H privately.
      I really want him to get better so that he can do right by himself and H

      1. Hi my dear, yes I found his Zach Sang interview interesting for all the reasons you mentioned. Especially the 2 year reference, because the presidency and the pandemic which are the two things referenced by Zayn and Ingrid are not covered in that time period. Zarry is, if you base it off of their late 2018 theoretical breakup. And I agree you can tell when Harry is truly happy and when he’s putting on a happy face for appearances. I haven’t seen truly happy harry since his 2018 tour, and maybe a little bit during the early promo for Fine Line when he seemed hopeful, but that was all before the baby. Thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts love!

        1. Your comment brought a couple of things to mind. You mentioned that you had not seen H really happy since the 2018 breakup. That struck me as so very sad. I know you can’t put a timeline on this but over 2 years is a very long and unhealthy time. It leads me to believe that they most likely tried to or did reconcile during this time. The pandemic provided the perfect cover since people (paps) weren’t out as much. Also, it seemed that they both spent the bulk of last summer in the UK. My point is that I would hope that H would be in a better place if he had spent the last few years w/out Z in his life. Of course the fact that he has been working non-stop for the past several months could account for some of what we’ve seen.

          Regardless, I hope he is in a good place mentally or working toward getting there. Unfortunately, I don’t think Zayn will let him go very easily.

        2. Thank you, A.D., for your blog, insightfulness, and opportunity to voice opinions. I believe that Zayn and Harry were together again in 2019. By all indications (based on videos) he was at Harry’s 12/13/2019 Fine Line concert at the Forum. While it was primarily album promotion, there is no question in my mind that Harry’s performance was directed to one person only, the person he was completely focused on that was to his upper (stage) right. I hadn’t publicly seen Harry that happy and emotional for some time.

          But just weeks later Gigi is pregnant. Gigi is a strong, smart woman who has dated several men; she would certainly be well versed in the use of birth control. So is it the classic man trap after their on again off again relationship, or was it planned? Oops just doesn’t seem to fit. Whatever the case, Harry appeared devastated.

          Then the Grammy diss. Something or someone triggered Zayn. He was well aware he wasn’t qualified for a nomination, and why just days before the event? And he had to have known Harry would be in the line of sight of those remarks — which makes me believe it was directed at Harry. And Harry not wearing the peace ring at the awards could well have been a response (although he was photographed wearing the ring the very next day.). (And the sunstone ring may be interchangeable and this point isn’t relevant. Perhaps someone could enlighten me.)

          Now immediately after the awards, Zayn is suddenly out full force in the public eye promoting music and his beautiful family life with the baby and the missus.

          Sorry for the long post. In my opnion, their relationship is over or is heading down that road. But on the chance they are still together and this is all a well-designed plan, this is the most unusual and unhealthy relationship I’ve ever seen or heard of. In the end, I think the damage will be far greater keeping up the charade over just coming clean.

          1. I just viewed your YouTube video, A.D., and I loved your comments! I felt like I needed to edit/add to my earlier comments:

            The Grammy diss. People often are so upset or so frustrated that they fire off an email or post or tweet without thinking. And then they are left regretting the pain it caused. I think this is what Zayn did as he has done it before. But this time the damage may never be undone.

            The peace ring. IMO, the ring has always been a symbol of their relationship. Harry wasn’t wearing it at the Grammys or the rehearsal and as I stated before, I did see a photo on Instagram that was taken the day after and the ring was back. If Harry stops wearing the ring…

            And finally, Joe Cummings tweet. I don’t believe Zayn is envious of Harry,’s accomplishments. If he was he would have ranted when the nominations came out. We don’t know that he hasn’t congratulated Harry profoundly and on numerous occasions. And why should we all expect him to do it publicly? If we’re talking strictly about former bandmates, public congratulations weren’t offered from everyone. IMO, the most important part of the tweet was the hashtag ‘zarryisdead.’ It’s doubtful Joe would know their current status but he confirmed that they were very much real.

            1. I personally don’t agree with everyone when they say Zayn did his tweet to hurt Harry but what I do believe is that someone either associated with the Grammy’s or know someone that is associated with it made him so upset and they knew he would tweet out, I don’t for one second believe it was aimed at Harry, I know everyone has there opinion and this is mine because like you say, why now?

            2. Do you know where you saw H wearing the peace ring the day after? The only photos I saw on 3/15/2021 were from NOBU and you can only see H’s left hand and he is not wearing any rings. So curious about this.

  10. I just read your IG, I cannot believe these people have nothing else to do than attack your right to have an opinion. I hope you publish your piece this weekend and don’t hold back. You have earned a huge following because you always base your opinions on proven facts. Just because the facts don’t support their popular opinion, ignorant people want to shut you down. I hope you know that people who appreciate educated opinions based on real events and facts will always support you.

    1. I appreciate you so much thank you!! Your support and encouragement is so heartwarming. Yes I will post my video tomorrow, and people can either take it or leave it. Thanks again love.

      1. A.D., dear i know i’m like, SUPER late here, but, i can’t find any related video after the “how i fell out of love with zayn” video. If u could, can u plsss mention the title of the video u r talking about? I’m a recent directioner and a recent zarrie. I have been following some of your videos and they make me equally happy and teary at the same time. I just love the amount of dedication and passion you have towards this ideology, and i’m in love with the way you explain things. <3

  11. if they did, Z broke it about 3 times by attending himself lol. not a diss btw – if anything the last few days thought me it is NOT to diss people you adore (see what I did there 😏) and definitely not publicly when, you know, people can look up your own history if you’re a public figure… just wondering why Z only found out about the Grammy’s being a gimmick and attacking them this year, H’s year. sigh.

    1. He don’t like when harry try to move on without him he wants harry for himself ,he wants harry to depend on him that’s the sole reason he is doing these things now .And misus seriously again he is doing the same thing.well Harry should definitely move on it’s best I don’t like or stan zarry relationship it’s toxic now I mean after baby if Harry was in zayn’s place tell me what will be the reaction of zayn huh? He can’t imagine Harry with any other person specially a man but he can have baby with his misus well it’s not fair.

  12. i just don’t know anymore with them. they make me sad, i continuingly gain hope and then lose hope. it’s a torturous cycle. but, i have so much love for them as a pair and as people.

    definitely interesting, a little unsettling, how much press zayn is doing as of late. i just came here from his most recent ‘zach sang’ interview, and he mentioned gigi as “missus” (remind me when he mentioned perrie in that one interview) and he’s becoming more vocal about those things. it’s not a lot but it’s more than usual.

    things are just weird, i hope it all works out. i’m just tired because they consume my mind so much, even when i take a “break” from them 🙁

    1. Same here love. It’s an exhausting cycle. And yes the “missus” gave me war flashbacks to Harry flinching when Zayn called Perrie that on Jonathan Ross, and zayn low-key rubbing Harry’s shoulder because he knew the engagement questions were upsetting him. Sigh

  13. Thanks for posting. I really love the photos and I am very curious about the content of the articles. Z strikes me as someone who doesn’t like to be confined or to conform to any 1 thing especially if its contructed by someone else. So, I can understand why he would be featured in the issue of a magazine that focuses on fluidity and No Labels, be it gender, sex, fashion, music etc.

  14. Wow those pics of Zayn are beautiful. I hope the #nolabel #GQ magazine is a step in the right direction for Zayn but he needs to do it for himself first before he can ever do it for Harry. And I just hope Harry’s going to be OK. I’m seriously concerned about his emotional state and feel like he’s in a depressive state. It shows in his eyes. That boy needs to be wrapped up in good friends to support him. He deserves everything good.

    1. My opinion on those particular lyrics are…The person is saying that they shared a love in secret and then once people became aware they had to hide. I believe a conversation was had and they settled their differences and came to the conclusion that the love is worth fighting for and that they are willing to risk it all for that love. To me this person seems happy with the outcome and has decided to live and love freely.

  15. I am new to zarry. I believed in zarry because of your videos. I just love your videos. Zayn is dissing Grammys and talking about baby and Gigi lately cannot be a coincidence. He might be doing the same thing like when Harry’s fine line came out like having baby to hide his relationship with Harry. Now My Policeman is coming soon and it is a gay love story and to divert the attention he could be doing all these things. He might not be ready yet to come out. He is just trying to show there is nothing between them. He once said he and Harry never talked. Sorry for my bad English. It is just my opinion. Could be wrong though.

    1. i don’t know how to feel about zarry. on the one hand I keep hoping while on the other I think it’s over.
      maybe i have to be realistic: harry deserves a love worth of being shouted to the world, a free and honest love. zayn, it seems, is unable to give it to you right now, so harry run away.
      take your life back.

    2. @Dasa Hi, you’re right. It could very well all be one big diversion to make it seem they are still feuding. But it still breaks my heart if they are still playing these PR tactics. No growth, no progress. Just more lies fed to the media and the general public that paints them as enemies. I hate it.

  16. Just finished reading all of your lovely comments. And it’s such an illustration of the bumpy road they have enrolled us in. Now I might agree that it feels like H gave up on Z for the sake of his wellbeing and that’s why he looked so sad on the pics minuts before performing and also on his photoshoot with the Grammy. He was clearly being emotional and trying to hide it, this touched me the most. He is just a sweet soul. Z must have realized now that it was too much for H after all that has happened. Just now he shows more zarry clues but maybe he’s just seeing what he is loosing. The future seems really incertain but I feel like something will happen. Either H will try to move on, either Z will come out of his shell. I just hope they find peace at some point. It’s so confusing right now. I hope someday a movie comes out of it.

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