Zayn + Ingrid’s Music Video

Zayn and Ingrid dropped a new inspirational music video for their dreamy collab “To Begin Again.” Zayn’s appearance in the video basically consisted of shots of him in Hopetown Sound, his favorite recording studio in Pennsylvania (where he lives.) He has actually been recording there since 2017.

Happy Boi

And it looks like he filmed the clips for the music video around March 25th, back when we saw him by himself in PA—the day before the dreaded Zigi pap walks began. He was looking genuinely happy at that time, oh ya know, before he was shipped back to NYC to perform on the streets.

Watch the music video here!

I supposes now we know why Zayn ramped up the pap walks of late. I wonder if he will be dropping another single for NIL soon? Let’s up he does interviews for that song too, whichever it may be.

Zayn is wearing all green in the music video. I can’t take it. What is even happening anymore?? At this point they’re just trying to break us. They want to see us broken.

Reminds me of this:

And this:

They hate us.

I would like to point out we got an up-close shot of Zayn’s pearl bracelet, and even non-zarries are pointing out the blatant connection to Harry, sort of like their Bode obsession. But of course these are all cOiNcIdEnCeS because: ZIGI BABY!!

The end. Thanks for stopping by!

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  1. This year Z & H seem to have been having a few of these dressing and accessory coincides ayy🤔🤔🤔.
    PS* I wanted to add a pic of another coincidence but I don’t see the attachment 📎or pic icon here. Seems like Harry wore the jacket for the Grammys and Zayn wore the pants for his gq India shoot

  2. Just wanted to inform, there have been a few instances priorly where Zayn has worn just the ring he wore in TBA mv on his right ring finger, although it wasn’t clear enough to determine if it’s a silver or gold band, but the ring is not new.

    1. do you mean before the pap walk on the 25th of march? I noticed it there, at the time, and vaguely remember seeing it on the museum day too but can’t remember an instance before the pap walks… also, I saw a close up and think it’s silver even though yes in the tba mv it might come across as golden

      1. @incognitocommenting yeah, he’s worn the ring years back.If you want, I can send you the picture., this is a recent discord server I made for if you want to talk to me.Discord is safe, you can log in through a fake email as well.I’d appreciate if you join.

    1. Yep … empty pier .. almost black and white … brings to mind You and I …

      [Chorus: Harry & Zayn]
      You and I, we don’t wanna be like them
      We can make it ’til the end
      Nothing can come between you and I
      Not even the Gods above
      Can separate the two of us
      (Two of us, two of us, two of us, two of us)
      ‘Cause you and I
      We don’t wanna be like them
      We can make it ’til the end (until the end)
      Nothing can come between you and I (Nothing can come between)
      Not even the Gods above
      Can separate the two of us (two of us)
      No, nothing can come between you and I
      You and I
      Oh, you and I
      Oh, you and I
      We could make it if we try, you and I
      Oh, you and I

  3. it’s fascinating that the mv is conceived as a “love letter” to New York, the renewal of hope, people’s resilience and a reminder that “we are stronger when we work together, fight for each other and love one another” …………………….. keep hearing

    “I’ve been praying ever since New York”.

  4. Does anyone think that in TBA mv all these little zarry clues are kinda being shoved into non-zarry faces, like ok you didnt notice it previous times then here you go – pearls/green color/guitar/wedding band – can I be more obvious? Like, there’s really a focus on these particular accessories..

        1. I definitely feel the “warming up” idea is valid. I call it “testing the waters” to get people used to an idea before it happens so they are kind of “oh yeah” when it does. Z’s comics seem very much that to me. Also things he’s said in spoken interviews. His lyrics can be confusing because they express his emotions and internal conflicts. But I find his pictorial queues are clearer maybe because he’s a visual artist. Harry does “warming up” too. The one that stands out for me is his first live performance of Medicine. It’s so tentative and in that so incredibly brave. It’s the banana necklace of his songs. You look at later performances where it’s been accepted and he’s so totally into it including hand gestures. From that comes Lights Up mv and even Watermelon Sugar and also I feel My Policeman role. The debut of actual banana necklace in the Variety Hitmaker acceptance is also warming up … he’s a bit diffident and it’s so tiny and distant. But still definitely there and a warm up for it’s front and centre appearance with the cross at the Grammys performance.
          All that said who knows exactly what the end game and personal meanings actually are for either of them.

          1. totally! that’s what I think Harry is doing for the past few years, being not so shy about his possible bisexuality etc etc. And now it seems like it’s Z’s turn to meet him somewhere in the middle..? (Fingers crossed, hope we are not too naive here). Because if and when they come out together it will be very logical to the public eye. Hopefully that is their strategy in the long run because, not to be too cynical, but boy they could be veeery commercially successful as a couple

          2. My thoughts exactly I have been pondering that all Harry’s choices are laying the foundations I always feel he is playing the long game step by step … to be able to be himself and have space for the person he loves .. he has my total admiration

            1. Yes and banana pendant’s first public appearance was the Variety Hitmaker acceptance video. I feel he is being very visually and lyrically honest about himself and how he feels about certain things without saying it directly.. I feel as if he doesn’t want to hurt others who might be hurt were he to be quotably direct/open. Feel he wants some distance and to be seen as seperate from his ID history to limit the impact of others.

  5. The video is beautiful and all the images of Zayn are really, really lovely. He looks so chilled and genuine. Hopetown looks a lovely warm and nurturing creative space.
    Seems a space where Zayn feels safe and comfortable to be himself. Loved the green edged in gold and H on the jacket, the pearl bracelet and single ring on his right hand. Delicious pockets of richness. Who knows what’s going on but this was definitely an up moment. Just wish Z well and hope he stops the weed et al and the self acceptance story in his comics becomes a positive reality for him.

  6. Honestly I’m tired of analysing zayn’s moves/eyes everything. It’s just a never ending cycle of “what do i see there hmmmmm” and the next day “was there anything there from the start?”

    But then again why pearls like the whole industry/world/other universes know that pearls are a harry’s signature (okay anyone can choose whatever they want to wear )but like zaaaaayn let’s be honest u wear that and don’t know that people will see that and will link it to “someone” come oooonnnnn. And it kills me because he’s not stupid he’s a guineas and throwing things like this is ….. ughh.

    Can u stop my heart can’t do this anymore. No one ever knows what he’s up to what he means, it’s soo interesting but like at the same time very confusing his behaviors, messages nothing is aligned with another it’s better to stop reading him.

    Just wanna say i really love his talent but I’m just not intrested anymore in his personal life it takes alot of time and effort to analyse what he means he says blue and he litrally can mean red by that and u never know what’s right it all theories nothing can be prooved.

  7. It’s not only green bode jacket…but it has letters..H and S on it!…like of all designs that dode jacket have…why he chose that jacket to wear on that MV which was a very minimal’s like a cameo only? He knows how significant the color green..and then there’s letter H and S on it??!! It’s speaks a lot and LOUD!!☺️💛💚 Not to mention the guitar which he longingly staring at. Who you remind of that guitar??? I love them…I love Zarry even thou they always give me heart ache…😍💛💚

    1. I.hadn’t noticed the H and S. Thank you, Jasmine, for pointing it out. Very loud indeed, but I’m still wondering why this song and why this MV. Is he asking Harry to begin again?

    2. ok I did a bit of research and looked more into the guitar he had been staring at in the mv and when I tell you I f*cking screamed, I screamed. Because if you look up Harry Styles Unplugged you’ll find Harry holding the exact same guitar with the exact same blotchy white and brown patters on the pickguard. I don’t want to interpret anything but I like to think this is why he had been looking at it the way he was. But either way I’m at a loss of words rn..

  8. As A.D. and others have pointed out, these are not coincidences. I was certain that Zarry was no more but the video changed my mind.

    Zayn and Gigi together literally lack emotion. (Like Harry’s hand holding PR walk with Olivia.) Could they look any more disengaged? Makes a person wonder how long their contract extends.

    Zayn is happy in the video! My favorite part.

    The boys obsession with Bode. I would love to see Zayn’s entire senior cord jacket. No doubt Harry is referenced. Harry practically dedicated his pants to Zayn. The fish. It’s worth the wait. The heart in the shape of Zayn’s tattoo, overlayed with the word SEX and bookended by circles that fit Zayn’s name perfectly.

    Green jacket, green pants, yellow guitar. Like we wouldn’t notice that.

    I’m on the fence about the ring on Zayn’s right ring finger but it appears to have been shown intentionally. And A.D. has covered the pearls very nicely.


    I just need someone to explain why Zayn is looking so fondly at a guitar…

      1. True thematically. However, Zayn chose to have single band on his left hand ring finger sitting above that love which sits above smoking lips. Actually first time I’ve recognised is Z is a leftie. Makes his use of the term “left” in Calamity and Outside really interesting for him left is his “right” hand.

        1. I appreciate your response, idkwhy, although I wasn’t sure about the leftie comment. I don’t think he is left handed. But you were correct that I need to look at the whole picture. For me, the ring stood out for its simplicity. Zayn generally wears rings that are intricate, unusual, and strikingly handsome. This ring is plain and resembles a wedding band. And it was important as this one second clip made it into the video.

          It reminds me of another video where one of Zayn’s rings stood out. 1D’s Night Changes MV. Zayn was wearing a ring that looked identical in design to Harry’s peace ring. Another brief clip that made it into a video.

          But what, if anything, does it all mean? The boys have been doing this back and forth for years. What is the point?

    1. It’s the same guitar as Harry’s. Harry has the same guitar, or it could even be Harry’s, zaynwss seen with it in 2017, then Harry, now it’s back with Zayn, unless it’s a specific make. Its pretty sure to be the same.

      1. the guitar in the mv TBA belongs to the studio… but it’s like the one Harry used to hold while singing Girl Crush and I think Two Ghosts too..

        1. Thank you Rush and Angela, for explaining the guitar. I hadn’t paid any attention to the guitar(s) Harry uses. I was kind of hoping Zayn was indicating new music ahead or maybe live performances.

    2. I didn’t notice the blank beads on either side of the word “SEX”, that’s so crazy. Even if someone looked at that black heart and beads as being H’s beaded message necklaces and took the heart to be a representation of his heart tattoo and took the artist painting the two together on his pants to mean he loves sex and if they didn’t notice the blank beads with enough space for Z’s first and last name, why wouldn’t anyone question the placement of this on H’s pants? H and Z seem to lose their shirts a lot, the location of Z’s black heart tattoo isn’t a secret and Harry likes a pun, so why not put that on the zipper, if the message was I heart sex? People can connect Louis’ dagger tattoo to H’s rose tattoo, but not this? It’s just wacky.

      1. Totally, it’s like the message is Zayn SEX Malik, like ‘Sex’ is Z’s middle name haha. Almost comparing him to a sex god or something. Also, i think Harry is well aware of the fact that sex plays a HUGE role in Z’s life and his creative process. Z’s music always gave me feels that sex is a means of expressing his feelings, a very important non-verbal form of communication which balances his aloofness, him being introvert and all that.

    3. That is such a good pickup on the beads. It’s so easy to pass off as being like H’s bead word necklaces. But so obvious when you pointed it out. 12 beads total with 4 blanks before and 5 blanks after SEX. Actually image positionally on the pants sits in line with where Z has his gun tattoo. Who plays guitar now when he performs some songs …..seeing H playing and dueting Still the One with shimmering golden rainbow clad Kacey Musgraves.

  9. The mv was so beautiful and perfect for the song! It’s such a hopeful song and they showed what it meant to them both perfectly (if you know you know 😏). The takes were beautiful shot, all the openness and bright colors were fitting. Taking NY as a filming spot for most of Ingrids part and then their parts together was smart. They made references to covid, BLM, PAL and the diversity popped through by them showcasing people of different ethnicities, people with different body types and I saw some free the nipple which was nice!

    That’s when we enter PA and Z’s safe space in thát studio, please 😍 he looked soo happy, like the day he likely filmed for the mv (the day before the NY pap walk, at that PA restaurant), like a teddy bear 🤗 the man appeared on screen for such a short period of time and bombarded us with Zarry! The green clothing plus it being Bode featuring an H AND S on it, the band on his ringfinger while showing of the Harry tats, the pearlsss and him staring at that guitar (even though it belonged to the studio, Harry used an (almost?) identical one covering girl crush of all songs 🥲 and there is a picture of Harry with the girl crush guitar and the one that’s also in the PA studio with Z, not that there is any proof of H or Z owning the black one but Z staring in ‘better’ mv style at that guitars made my heart go 💚💛)

    Sidenote: I saw somewhere that people interpreteted new beginnings and Z in the studio with the guitars and the whole setup and his comments about performing again recently, as Z getting ready to perform again! I mean he does seem happy these days, maybe he’s ready 🤞🏾

  10. Zarry just needs to make up their mind either that means they do the basic “does he love me, does he love me not” flower picking thing or just admit they have feelings for eachother. or just stop giving me hope then no hope then confusion to where I am like “wait are they?” And then 2 days later like “in my dreams”.

    1. 🤣 But you’re so right! I would add that we should distance ourselves from this roller coaster of emotions until Zayn makes up his mind about what kind of future he wants. If it’s not too late on Harry’s part.

  11. I’ve got to admit, a few months ago I would have been right into all the little “clues” in the new video, the green jacket, green trousers, Pearl bracelet, guitar etc. However my heart just isn’t there any more. I feel that if he is putting these things in his videos to bait us then it’s wrong as he is still pap walking around town with his Mrs and baby. I’ve got to admit though that the last pap walk, neither of them looked happy and they didn’t even acknowledge each other, Zayn looked more at ease when he was with Taryn. I keep saying I’m going to give up on Zayn as I feel so bad for Harry, but then I see a picture of him and I’m way back to loving him again and hoping against hope. He’s just so dam beautiful and I just love his music. Think I’ll just support them both separately for now and hope for a miracle. They both deserve all the happiness in the world

    1. Yeah, Zayn is beautiful!😍 I kind of feel the same as you though. I think he is baiting us to a certain degree. And you’re right, it’s a little nervewracking. Who knows the inner workings of Zayn’s mind!!!? Putting all manner of Zarry evidence right in our faces, then “strolling” around with his new family. I will always love Zarry because I know that Harry’s devotion to Zayn will most likely be neverending.. But I think it’s sort of degrading to Harry to keep hoping for something more between them when Zayn has obviously made his major, life altering choices. He has always done this at Harry’s expense. Harry deserves so much better treatment than this. Let Gigi continue to preen about town while Zayn looks miserable. Harry is on fire right now and is too in demand to be anywhere near this mess.

    2. Feel you’ve got to separate the person from their journey. Then you can have compassion for the person but not be hammered and dragged into the roller coaster of the journey. It’s like needing to find the center of a tornado and accept it is what it is but not get caught in it. Mind you easy to say but takes effort to achieve.

  12. Did anyone else notice he was wearing what looks like a wedding band on his right ring finger? No other rings on his right hand besides that one.

      1. i read somewhere that for the same sex relationship they wear rings in the right hand as a symbol of their union. z wearing a ring on his right hand and remembr h wearing on his right hand the pearl ring at the exact spot

  13. This music video
    1. Zayn looks hot
    2. He looks healthy
    3. Omg the pearl bracelet
    4. I think Zayn moving forward is gonna start getting better this music video is the first step
    5. Harry and Zayn remind me of Rachel and Ross I think they are always on breaks
    6. Non zarries are starting to pick up on the to many coincidences they have
    7. They are on a break not over they are just sleeping with other people to satisfy their needs
    8. Gigi and Zayn look like they are over remember celebs brake up way before they announce their split.
    9. They are co parenting
    10. Zarry will get better like every relationship they are huge bumps in the road.

    1. Number 5 Rachel and Ross on a break is perfect.

      I don’t want to sound unromantic, but when you are in your twenties is when people have kids and first marriages.

  14. I am so sorry but have you noticed that the yellow guitar in the studio (the one to which Zayn is looking at the end of the video) is the same one as the one Harry’s playing on in the famous Girl Crush performance? Anyone?

        1. Exactly! The way he is looking at the guitar is different. That’s why i also thought there must be some connection with H. But I’m not sure about the girl crush theory.

    1. I did I just got a deha vu of better after seeing that. It’s crazy. Fingers are crossed and he is wearing a gold band which suspiciously look like a wedding band on his right hand ring finger and according to lgbt gay people are legally allowed to wear wedding ring/band on right hand instead of left.

  15. I already pointed out the Chinese connexion in the random discussion segment.Did you notice,he has Celtic knot tapestry?The way it’s unending,it felt like ‘Sailor’s knot’ to me.You know,the usual theme,pirate-fish-lonely boy-whale etc.
    Sailor’s knot originated from the idea of Celtic sailors weaving ropes in memory of the loved ones they left behind when they went on a Voyage,just similar to the origin of swallow tattoos which pirates would get as a symbol of love & home when they set sail.
    These knots represent eternal love,just like the blue quartz stone both Harry & Zayn wore at different times,a symbol for ending association through friendship & love.
    Among the Celtic knots,the sailor’s is considered the most durable since these knots are said to be unbreakable.Two thick, tight-ropes (lmao) with innumerable knots, which forms an unbreakable bond,a symbol of eternal love🥺

    Also,are there no famous places to visit in NY except for Coney Island,cuz dude…

  16. Ok I know I might be crazy…. the picture of Z with fans his jacket looks blue and in the video it looks green. WHICH I found interesting bc when he sits down next to the guitar, the visual looks very green and yellow. Probably coincidence but it was hard not to notice. Also, I liked the clear view of his hand with love and the bird showing. I also just saw that on Zayns Zoems book, he put the bird and love on the back of it. I’d loved to read those poems. Anyway, nice seeing Zayn smile 😊

  17. Did you spot that Zayn is also wearing what appears to be a gold wedding band on the ring finger of the right hand? It’s the same placement as Harry’s new pearl solitaire ring, first seen at the Grammys. Wearing rings on the third finger of the right hand can indicate that the wearer is in a monogamous same-sex relationship 👀

        1. Wonder if it a symbol to himself (and a particular other) about accepting who he is and being committed to that direction. Loving someone else grows from self love. Yes a few news feeds about Z and G not being in any rush to marry. Wonder if the plan is a “conscious uncoupling”. Don’t see how either side would benefit for bringing the other down in a split. The promotional value of the baby is pretty much in it being Z’s kid. Don’t believe there’d be the same “interest” if it wasn’t.

  18. Also there is a picture of Harry having the exact same guitar that Zayn looks at in the TBA mv and I thought maybe there isn’t genuinely a connection here bc there are hundreds of those guitars but then someone pointed out that the second guitar in both Z’s mv and H’s picture looks exactly the same as well…
    but some people are saying that the guitars belong to the studio(although both Z & H have been seen with one of the guitars other times esp Z in 2017 ig)so I really don’t know but both of those guitars being a coincidence seems a little bit bizarre to me…

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