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Good day. So, I try to catch all the individual topics people are discussing here the most and bring them into their own separate posts. A few people suggested that I do a post on Zayn’s recent interviews, so I’m bringing them all into one place. However, I will not be analyzing them because I’m just not interested in the things he was discussing. The only part I was truly interested in was his description of “Tightrope,” because it was a vulnerable moment that made my heart break for him a little. All the rest of that prolonged discussion about his baby, the Grammys, Niall, and his new single (and how it relates to the state of the world) just doesn’t interest me in the least.

And I also thought it was absurdly misguided of him to do all these interviews for Ingrid’s song and not for his own album?? Yikes. His marketing team needs to be fired asap, unless they’re nonexistent, which would of course explain the terrible marketing choices in regards to his music. I just don’t know anymore, and it’s too complicated to understand how Zayn and his team operate.

Anyway, I want more of the Zayn who discussed “Tightrope.” Not because I want to relate it to Zarry (because God knows I’ve given up the Zarry train of late, especially after the Grammys debacle) but because it is an extremely rare glimpse into a version of Zayn that we hardly ever see. I’m proud that he was super honest in that brief moment. That’s the real Zayn. I want more of the real Zayn, even if it doesn’t bring Zarry together.

So here are all the interview links for anyone who hasn’t heard them yet:


Zayn talking about Niall:

Zayn Talking About Tightrope:

PAGE TWO: More Awkward Zigi

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  1. I honestly don’t believe that when Gigi snubbed Harry at those awards back then it was because of Taylor Swift. I’m totally convinced it was because she knew about Zarry and was snubbing her boyfriend ‘s love interest. At least that’s how it looks like to me everytime I watch that clip🤔

  2. Wonder who tipped a photographer to say that Gigi calls the paps for cute shots with Khai.The photographers are definitely not that foolish to expose who calls them, celebrities and photographers need to work mutually.And the number of tags the person wrote with their video definitely suggests that it was meant to garner attention, so who is this person?Definitely not one of the Hadids…

    1. Idk either but I did see some snippets of that same acc posting stuff about zigi being real after being attacked, like this isn’t supposed to be some fandom ship that it should be proven real right 🤢 well good thing anyone with two decent eyeballs can see through the ‘privacy’ bs themselves… pfoe Zigi I hope they give that baby a rest and spend some quality time at home at the farm or at least outside of musea and aquariums, and in ‘covid safe’ spaces 💀

  3. Sometimes I wonder how do they legally arrange all these PR relationships in the show biz (namely, musical promo)? I mean, do models get assigned to a label that represents a certain musician? Do they sign a contract where they are legally committed to do promo of any sorts with their fake boyfriend under a certain period of time? Can babies actually be a contractual liability as well (cringe)?
    No matter how crazy that sounds, sometimes it seems that G is simply fulfilling her obligations, albeit not very willingly. Her ‘promo’ of Z’s music seems downright lazy, she couldn’t even tag his song/spotify link when she posted her reel on Unfuckwitable. I think G went silent about Z’s music after all those critical reviews of NIL were posted (esp. Pitchfork). Yes, she’s a coward, because if Z’s album would top the charts I believe she would make everything she can to be associated with him and his success. What would a supportive real life loving girlfriend would do when her love’s album is flopping? Having such a HUGE audience she would post about his music once or twice a week, she would ask her influential sister/brother/friends to mention him anyhow etc etc.. Like, if you are that close as a real family (Hadids) why don’t you at least once try to help to promote G’s baby father music? That is why all of their actions towards each other seem totally staged and obligatory. I just have no idea where does the baby stand in this equation?

    1. She’d rather post Zayn & Gigi’s Beanz than post about Zayn’s music💀…
      Also,lmao,yes,she does bare minimum when it comes to Zayn,her family vilifies Zayn whenever they get a chance but all of them are so proud and supportive of Zigi🥺, aww,my favourite couple in the universe🥺♥️
      And,as far as I know,the contracts vary with how popular you are,what audience are you targeting,how readily and publicly you perform charades etc.

      1. Yep that only indicates that her family supports only when it comes to her PR job, but not their sibling-in-law’s musical career..
        It is so funny to watch how they are milking the whole marriage situation after Ingrid’s ‘accidental’ mistake. Google news tab practically bursted with new articles in the last two days 🙂 I wonder if that stunt was confirmed with Z. If it wasn’t and there’s even remotely possible opportunity to make amends with Harry, then Z must be livid by now

    2. Hey Anon! There are two resources I’d recommend you check out to learn more about your questions about PR/bearding contracts in general as well as the specific dynamics of Zigi:

      1) swiftgron nation “Clownery in Wonderland” podcast (, in particular the episodes with Shawn as a guest (#2, #4, #8, #20), for insider info on how PR/bearding in general works in Hollywood. The CiW podcast is actually dedicated to speculation about Taylor Swift being a closted lesbian, so it’s tangential to Zarry, but the guest speaker Shawn has firsthand experience being in a closeted gay relationship with a famous singer (she doesn’t specify who though for privacy) and on one episode she actually spoke specifically on PR marriage contracts that end up with people even having children as part of the contract.

      2) ExposingSMG blog posts about Zigi (here’s their latest one: If you look around their site, you’ll see that ESMG reports on behind-the-scenes celebrity gossip in general. They say they get all of their dirt from sources, and the post I linked supposedly gives an inside look on the current dynamics of Zigi. They say Zayn has a huge drug problem and the Zigi dynamic right now is pretty hot-and-cold, and that Zigi started out as PR but most likely are no longer bound by a contract (meaning they’re voluntarily together) at this point.

      1. I don’t believe in that …
        “emotional dependence where he`s sitting around waiting for her while she comes and goes as she pleases” they dont even live together

    3. They 100% sign contracts if they are smart. Without it things can backfire. (Shawn Mendes and Hailey Baldwin as an example.) Some are short contracts to see how the public responds and some can be for multiple years. Not always for bearding though that seems very popular. Showmances have always been popular in Hollywood. Babies and marriage can be written in and everything. Some have clauses about seeing other people as long as you aren’t caught and some say no affairs allowed. How they break up can be written in also. Sick but it’s not an easy business to make it in. Not everyone does it but unfortunately it works and everything has a price as far as that town goes. According to a blog I used to read that delves deep into PR contracts and exposing celebrities in general… the claim is that Gigi was originally a short term contract for Zayn that got renewed. She did them a lot. Like 3 singers in a row close together. Zayn was the most successful for her career wise by far! Anyways, the long breakup they had was at contract end but they had grown close and they got back together on and off no contract. I won’t leave the blog name because they aren’t fans of Z. Some of the other opinions are pretty harsh on him and they make allegations that sound more opinion so not worth it. I don’t want to drive people to that.

    4. I see your point and it makes lots of sense. Because when Z appeared on (was that GQ cover? ) Gigi’s mum posted a pic of herself holding that mag copy up proudly on IG but now nothing for his new music!!! ☹️ For shame

  4. Even though Zarry may be dead, Zigi does not look alive or real to me in the slightest. Only Gigi seems assertive about their relationship. Zayn doesn’t repost anything she tags him or mentions him in, even if he does others. I think they do co- parent but I certainly do not think of them as a “couple.” Also Zayn says in ‘To Begin Again’ that he also relates to the song personally, if it is in fact personal, then it really cannot be with Gigi cause the two of them are already in a relationship. I may just be reading too much into this but that’s me lol

    1. @A,yeah truly.Even if Zarry might no longer be together or wouldn’t be together,ever, Zigi is certainly not real.Maybe they felt giddy happiness at the start,but their relationship changed drastically after a few months.Just like AD wrote for TTUM,I think G caught Z & H,and since then their relationship has never been normal in the slightest (though I’d give them more chance than being caught for the first time itself🤣,lmao).

      1. @BIGmouth Hi! Imagine if that actually happened lmao but I think Zarry would be a little more mindful than that, I mean they’ve had practice with the ‘sneaking around’ they did in the band lol. I think that Zigi is kind of like Zerrie all over again. Both of them have underlying purposes for being in the relationship. Gigi staying relevant and getting clout cause of Zayn and ZAYN feeling that sense of ‘normalcy’

  5. In Zach interview it’s interesting that when Z talked about To Begin Again he said
    “I felt exactly the way she felt many times in the last 2 years”…

  6. This is completely off-topic but I had to share it or I would explode! I read this somewhere and I can’t stop thinking about how much it relates to Zarry that it broke my heart.

    “One day, whether you are 14, 28 or 65, you will stumble upon someone who will start a fire in you that cannot die. However, the saddest, most awful truth you will ever come to find – is they are not always with whom we spend our lives.”
    Beau Taplin, Hunting Season

    It just…*crying face*

    1. NOOOOOO😭😭😭😭😭
      ”You know the greatest loves of all time are over now“
      “ I guess you never know, never know
      And it’s another day, waking up alone

      But we were something, don’t you think so?
      Roaring twenties, tossing pennies in the pool
      And if my wishes came true
      It would’ve been you
      In my defense, I have none
      For never leaving well enough alone
      But it would’ve been fun
      If you would’ve been the one”


      1. FOR REAL, I can’t keep looking for the feels in Taylor’s music 😂 anyway for fellow zarries looking to get their heart broken: obvs Taylor’s ‘folklore’ album and ‘evermore’ album too, but damn these days Cam’s Changes from The Otherside just hits hard. I ofc don’t know what parts Harry wrote but she talks as if he handed her that song readymade. Her stating it to be a song about ‘outgrowing something you don’t want to outgrow’ + a fish wearing a pearl necklace during Harry’s whistle in the mv does it for me… brb gotta cry

  7. I mean this is completely off topic but did the Julia lady just yawn at 4:25 secs while taking Z’s interview 😂😂Ohhh my God the lengths these interviewers and hosts go to make them interesting without even going beyond the use of adjectives like lovely and beautiful for that artists work.

  8. Nice butterfly robe (insert eye roll) and her shirt that I’m sure was purposely done to say something that looks close to Harry’s name. My friend and I have debated before if Harry would ever out Z. I don’t think he would but if I were him its her antics and taunting that would push me to do so.

    I agree it was refreshing to hear Z’s response to tightrope. Almost felt validating (for Zarries), at least until a week later. His response also reminded me of H’s response when asked who the fish is in that they both seemed to take a deep breath in almost as in how do I answer this and then both repeated part of the question to buy themselves a few more seconds to think how to answer.
    Deep breath….”ummm Tightrope”
    Deep breath….”The fish is uuuhhh, he’s like….,the fish is traveling”

  9. 1) I never thought about Zayn having to do the bare minimum with the Zigi story line to continue coparenting without problems. It makes sense. Then the connections to Harry stepping back bc Zayn can’t walk away completely from Zigi makes sense bc he did seem to maybe be ok with the baby at first with the pink shoe lace. It’s kinda seems that the balls in the Hadids court when it comes to Zayns career, and overall existence. What’s a sad situation.
    2) This might be a weird thought but I was thinking back to the Joe Cumming tweet about the Grammys. I kept seeing that Joe tagged @harrystyles in the whole conversation. I thought that was weird. For one, why would he tweet Zarry is dead now but not when Gigi announced her pregnancy. It got me thinking maybe there’s more to that tweet than him just having an opinion. Am I crazy…What do u guys think?

  10. Does anyone know whose Z’s team? I know he joined CAA in April 2020 but I was wondering if anyone know exactly who his manager was. I don’t see his manager being able to anything more with him than the previous managers.

  11. The thing about the gigi challenge that irks me the most is that rca tweeted about it merely hours after she posted but takes literally week’s and bare minimum when promoting zayn music….

  12. Zayn plays the game or ends up losing in a custody battle.

    Maybe that’s what this is about. Promote music, grant interviews, be seen together as a couple. And cut ties with Harry. All that or you don’t stand a chance spending time with your daughter.

  13. I think interviews were damage control for the Grammy tweets. Wouldn’t doubt if the pap walks aren’t damage control for the interviews. I think he was miserable during some of the interviews. He seemed happiest with Zach. He seemed the most open and comfortable with him.

    When I look back both H&Z starting looking sad shortly after NIL release. When the Vibez video came out they both seemed in a better place.

    The tightrope comments broke my heart because I think he is where Harry always hoped he would get to and now the timing just isn’t right. Harry is focused on acting and his obligations. Olivia PR. Now he starts a new movie in a few weeks. Then the Olivia movie will have press to do. Showmances are nothing new. They are legal contracts in most cases. That’s how Zigi started though they became real and got back together conviently when Harry released an album that screams Zarry. Things changed before they could reunite. Covid and pregnancy certainly didn’t help. Calamity I think hints to the gap year. Pregnancy wasn’t planned so they adjusted all while being forced to lock down across the country from one another. I think Harry agreed Z had to stick by her through it but now his movie endeavors are now like H’s pregnancy and “baby”. Z is probably lashing out because he feels like “you said you wanted me to be open well here I am. Where are you?” Something is happening behind the scenes. They are both not happy with where they are that much is clear. They work in a toxic industry that has always created roadblocks for them if they want to stay in the game. Always hiding their truth and presenting something different to the cameras. Lyrically is when they speak their truth. I know some see them as toxic due to this but they have grown up and had to listen to people guiding them to being the biggest they can be. Harry’s brand is much bigger than just himself and who he loves. For me they are both victims of circumstances to a degree. Z just seems over the industry and Harry is very much into staying on top. As he should. He has worked hard. Not great on the love life when having a wide audience to target.

    1. Still walking the line yes totally you have adeptly put most of my random thoughts together I agree with you covid lockdown the baby have separated them made their time lines mismatched …life around them happening I’m looking at calamity in a new light now .. star crossed lovers feeling a bit shakespearean

    2. This gave me perpective! I feel like I’ve been bashing Z lately because ✨ confusion ✨ but aside from the Grammy tweet, the little things they both seem to be doing for each other points to them playing out whatever it is they are finishing up. I don’t know about the baby part on Z’s side, something there about the timing and his demeanor through the pregnancy and after just doesn’t add up to what’s being portrayed by G. At times it feels like it’s her child and he’s just there for show. At times it feels like she’s flaunting a baby meant for him and she’s supposed to be just ‘a huge help’. Anyway, something is definitely happening behind the scenes and hopefully they are rearranging in the deep and come out stronger on the other side.

  14. To be honest Gigi seems like such an insecure person, I don’t think she is confident at all, she wants to look like such a powerful model/mother/woman but she doesn’t believe it herself. I also think she knows something about H and constantly compares herself to him (that’s why she becomes friends with his exes and people around him like Taylor, Kendall, Kacey, Kaia etc). She is also wearing Bode often lately, either because she’s obsessed with H or because Z is wearing Bode in almost every outing and she wants to be like the cute, matching girlfriend. And then there’s the picture of their daughter’s beautiful face she posted and many other things she does every time H is doing something major. If that’s the case I feel sorry for her, because she is beautiful but I don’t like her behavior at all. H is the celebrity she wants to be, he has fame, is loved by everyone, is successful now and I’m sure he will be a legend, she’ll never have that amount of success ever and she doesn’t have Z’s heart either, the only thing she could give Z was the child and a “normal” family and she’s shoving it to our faces, trying to convince the public she is so happy and complete so she can start to believe it herself

    1. Ken & Tay were her friends before she came across Z,if she knew of business before her industry launch,then it’s understandable why she’d be damn insecure of H.Harry had made a name from 2012 and had become mad demanded by 2013.Despite her being a supermodel,it’s always H who’ll be influential in fashion.Take Met Gala for example,she looked dazzlingly beautiful in 2017 yet Harry’s first appearance,in 2019, outsold her in taking up people’s attention.She got a solo Vogue after so many years, and after doing 3 Vogue shoots priorly (lmao,even Zayn appeared solo on British Vogue in 2018 but not G🤪 despite being a product of privileged nepotism) but Harry became the first man to appear on Vogue and that made noise for months,and became a topic of international debate.He’s outselling her by miles,despite her desperately trying her best.
      She,her lame dad & controlling mom know that they get publicity only when it’s Zayn related.Do you think G would’ve had a Vogue episode explaining her pregnancy if she had Tyler’s baby?😂💀

    2. ‘She’ll never have that amount of success’ – because she’ll never be on that level of dignity. Harry deals with every situation with such grace and humility (whether it’s his personality trait or public image constructed by Jeff – doesn’t matter, it works anyway, that’s why people love him)

    3. I agree. I think she’s alone too. She’s trying to make it in this big world, in an industry that’s relentless. Her weird family is no help, especially her controlling mom. Her relationship with her dad and even siblings seems not as deep as she tries to make it out to be. And the cherry on top is constantly having to walk on eggshells around a guy who doesn’t seem to be into you in the least but who you have to make out to be a loving partner and baby daddy. Yeah she chose this mess herself but loving out a lie would mess anybody up. Imagine everything you do is for public appearances, damage control or to stay on top of your game for as long as you can be a supermodel. When can she truly be herself (whatever that may be) and who can she turn to and be completely honest with? To me, she seems trapped as well and it made her a lot more insecure than her messed up reality tv family already did before she ventured out ‘om her own’.

        1. Ah and I love yours lots! And all the others on this website too, it’s just a nice platform isn’t it 😊 maybe that’s why I keep checking in every few hours 🥴

      1. @Incognitocommening yes I agree with you and all the others who have replied, I’m glad there are other people who see her like me. I was hoping her daughter would make her happier and would change her for the better but it seems like she’s using her own child for clout, just like her own mother.

        1. It’s just sad how too many celebrities exploit their children.I mean,their managers,publicists etc. already use them and squeeze out every single penny they can,from them,but parents too?How do people live such pathetic lives?Take Britney Spears for example.Her dad used her,along with her manager and that man didn’t let her stay with her kids and hooked her on medications when she didn’t need it.It’s worse how anyone can exploit the tiniest bit of shit you do if you’re a celebrity.
          Anyways,like Demi Lovato believes that child artists should try to think independently so that they don’t get sucked up by people’s expectations and whatever their label/managers/publicist tell them and believe in autonomy,I hope Z & H do this in a proper way,because though they’re quite knowing of what they want to do,I feel like,they,especially Z isn’t exactly autonomous when it comes to his career.

  15. I dont wanna bash G, but can’t she see that what she’s doing is makin Z uncomfortable?

    And Z… You need to escape that girl asap. She’s all bout herself, man.

  16. I was so happy to hear him talk about tightrope. The way he briefly hesitated before answering already made me think he was gonna answer the way he replied to the album title question. But he was real and vulnerable and it makes the comic seem even more powerful imo. Especially considering the fact that he vilified this part of himself in the comic (the chaser) and then said he was running from something and now sees it in a different light. I would like to hear more real stuff of him too!

    1. Zayn is smart Ingrid Michaelson is self produced with her own label. And her Matto is no label required. So maybe that’s why Zayn is singing with her? I don’t know.

    1. Zayn has never said he had a baby. He said “I am proud to call her mine” He did not say she was his. Everybody from the time Gigi announced she was pregnant said it was his. She went on Jimmy Fallon ALONE and spoke for the both of them. The baby has Gigi’s last name.
      Everyone is looking at this from Zayn’s point of view. You need to look at it from Gigi’s point of view. If you are dating someone and you get pregnant but you do not want that person in your life (they might pull a Kevin Federline), what would you do?
      I know, “I have covered for you all these years, you have to cover for me”. So, once in a while you will show up take some pictures, go on strolls and no one will question it. That could be the reason why he is never in pictures with her and why we are always hearing about meals and seeing food but no Zayn.

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