Zayn Respecting Harry’s Mom

The way he was so protective of Harry and his feelings…once. Good times.

3 Replies to “Zayn Respecting Harry’s Mom”

  1. I know I will always support my best friend if she feels uncomfortable because of some question I won’t go n make a joke about it n make it more worse n irritate her..only those who are not that close to her

  2. This is one of my fav videos🥺.Zayn’s dad brought him up the right way,and off course,he too realised the right things.
    These clips make me cringe at how people genuinely think that Louis & Harry were/are dating.Why would you say such things on television,especially when someone is feeling uncomfortable?Not even a good friend would do that,even jokingly.

  3. Also the way Lou was talking abt Harry’s mum is down right insulting and disgusting.
    Even back when I was a directioner I always find Lou disrespectful to talk about your friend’s mum like that, specially for public consumptions.

    I know the others spoke too but Lou is the one who made most comments about it.

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