Zayn Singing To Harry (Video)

During the TMH Tour, Zayn interacted a TON, and one of their favorite songs to flirt during was “Loved You First.” Watch Zayn taking that to the next level by possessively holding Harry’s bum after singing directly to him.

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  1. One of my favorite interactions. Comes across as a really beautiful unguarded intimate moment between 2 people. If they both struggle to speak about “it” and are most honest/open about “it” in their music, maybe that’s why “it” comes out when performing songs or lyrics that are meaningful to them. Maybe these moments were something they both looked forward to in each performance because it’s being public about something that is otherwise hidden.
    It’s interesting they make eye contact as Z starts to walk across and H steps across a little to be closer to where Z will stand. But then H turns his head forward and little bit down so as not to be looking at Z when he reaches him. Z then seems to say something and reaches out to turn H physically towards him then H whispers. Another favorite moment is Z’s caress of H’s jaw. Again Z’s singing and is standing side on the H whose head is turned towards Z looking at him as he approaches.
    After the caress H turns forward and running his open palm in front of his face as if to get himself back together.
    If this is all acting it very convincing.

  2. in that concert in Houston when Harry sang the first verse at 0.40 : Nothing could be worst – he took the microphone across his mouth while mouthing Zayn – baby I loved you first…

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