Zayn: The Proud Zarry King

Let’s be real, before Harry became super obvious about Zayn as he grew older and less guarded and less afraid of showing his feelings in his music, Zayn used to be THEE #1 Zarry.

He would bring Zarry up out of the blue any time ships were mentioned. He would actively shut down Larry rumors in interviews, and one day in 2012 he actually PROUDLY wore a Zarry Hat for all the world to see.

Even Zayn’s friends realized how obsessed he is with Harry. So much so that one of them forced Zayn to say he loved him “more than Harry Styles.”

Zayn: “I can’t express how much I love, Aleem.”
Aleem: “More than Harry Styles, say that.”
Zayn: “More than Harry Styles.”

This is the man who got a freaking lotus and rose tattooed to his freaking SKULL. His SKULL. That is excruciatingly painful and those tattoos will be there forever, unlike the Gigi eye tattoo that can and will eventually be covered just like the ugly Perrie tattoo was. And oh yeah, don’t forget he had Harry’s eye tattooed in 2014 long before Gigi’s and it’s STILL THERE in 2021.

His love for Harry is dark. It’s mysterious. It’s unspoken, and it’s profoundly reverential. It was alive and apparent in 2010 when he couldn’t stop compulsively staring at Harry during the video diaries, even when Harry looked like a chubby-cheeked little cherub and hadn’t even come into the glory of the man we know today. He has always adored every little tiny detail about Harry and let it be know again and again. To watch how crazy he was about that boy from Day One, click here!

But somehow, things have seemed to change. I can’t help but feel like so much of what he has done for Harry has been desecrated by everything he decided to do with Gigi in 2020 (the choices he made in 2020 were sacrilege at it’s finest) and the way he lets her use him every single day still is not right. It completely ruins everything he ever did for Harry or built with Harry, in my opinion, and that’s the most heartbreaking part of it all.

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