Zayn Over Everyone

Disclaimer: I know nothing about Harry’s relationships. All of these posts are based on my personal opinion and informed by the videos and photos and information we have that has been made publicly available, especially Harry’s music.

Harry is not a womanizer or a manwh*re and eff anyone who claims that in a desperate attempt to denigrate him or victimize someone else. He has shown above and beyond that only one person resides in his heart and has for years.

In the battle of Zayn vs Anyone, Zayn always wins.

Zayn vs Kendall

Zayn vs Camille

Cherry: Zayn vs Camille

Zayn vs Ben

Zayn vs Mitch

Zayn vs Xander

Zarry vs Larry (Much more to come!)

Sweet Creature: Zayn vs Louis

Bottom line: Harry seems to grow bored of everyone who passes through his life (apart from his inner circle) both romantically and sometimes those who come and go platonically…but not Zayn. Even after all those years, in 2018, he emphatically told Zayn he was Still The One.

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  1. Oh Harry 💔 hats of to you for using this thread of some of the ridiculous dating rumors H has to deal with (pfft) to shed light to the backstories, either explaining his drunk conduct or his love ’em and leave ’em mentality. The use of ‘phuck’ had me genuinely lol haha and the drunk Harry video omg he’s soo adorable naw

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