Zayn Wearing Green Bay Packers

This is one of those Zarry proofs that is simply so vivid and real that it’s hard to believe it actually happened. On March 25, 2015, it was announced to the world that Zayn would be leaving the band. The world melted. However, if we take a close look at Zayn and Harry that day, you will see that they both reacted to the news in a way that let you know they were more devastated than every sobbing 1D fan combined. We will never know or understand the depth of their pain that day, because we will never fully know or understand the depth of their love.

On March 25th, while “house-hunting” with his fake fiance that he never intended to actually marry, Zayn was so distraught about losing Harry with the official announcement that he wore one of Harry’s Green Bay Packer sweaters that day. Zayn has never worn GBP merch before or after this day. It clearly didn’t belong to him, and he was clearly wearing it for a specific reason. So that when pictures emerged of him this day, the day he broke Harry’s heart with the official announcement, he would be wearing something that would let Harry know he was the only person Zayn was thinking about after the news broke.

It was such a heartfelt and subtle and very Zayn thing to do.

Watch it all here!

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