Zayn’s Grammys Diss

PREFACE: This entire post was prompted by people attacking me and tagging me for my little innocuous opinion I shared in a tweet on my PRIVATE account. Now you’ve made me write a public essay expressing my full thoughts in painstaking and obnoxious detail. Next time just leave me the phuck alone.

Page One: The Diss

Page Two: Why I Was Bothered By His Diss + The Zarry of It All

Page Three: Zayn’s Ineligibility And Abysmal Album Sales

Page Four: Overkill And Arguing Semantics

Even Joe Cummings agrees and had the same reaction as me. Zayn doesn’t love Harry anymore. Zarry is either dead, or incredibly toxic right now.

Ok, I wasn’t going to do this but I want to address a few people who commented some dumb sh*t on other posts here, on Twitter, and on IG. I’ll try to keep it brief in addressing the morons who think I can’t have a response to a viral tweet that people specifically asked my opinion on.

So let’s begin with Zayn’s initial tweet. I generally agree with it. I just do. (SURPRISE)

So here’s where I’m in a tricky situation. I basically agree with him about the award show lol. I said something similar when the nominations came out and the Weekend was snubbed and Justin Bieber was complaining about his album being mis-categorized as pop. I specifically said it’s bullspit that every damn year it seems that Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber are nominated.

I said that because I wanted Harry to have been nominated for a bigger category though. I wasn’t making a blanket implication that all nominees only got nominated because they bribed their way in. And I also would never say “phuck everyone involved” if I had a platform as big as Zayn’s. That will undoubtedly come back to bite him in the butt, because there are TONS of great artists “associated” with the Grammys this year (many of them people of color) so it’s kind of unfair to lump them all in and say “phuck them” just because they were nominated, which is what he definitely did (whether he “intended to” or not, which is still up for debate even after his clarification tweet.)

Anyway, I feel the same way as Zayn does about the Grammys (to an extent.) Which is why in my initial tweet about the situation yesterday, I noted that I in fact agreed with the general sentiment. I can’t deny that I do. However, two things can be true at once. I can agree with him, but also be hurt by the implications inherent within his statement. Why? Because Harry Styles is included in that diss, whether he intended it to be that way or not. Harry is heavily associated with the Grammys this year for the first time.

The main implication in Zayn’s tweet is that Harry (among all the other nominees) were only nominated because they greased the right palms, bribed the right people, or were only nominated because they were white. Which is odd because many people of color were in fact nominated. And the most egregious snub of a person of color (which I totally agree it was a snub btw) was The Weekend, a 3x Grammy Winner of the past.

This was posted to my private account after I was tagged and asked my thoughts on Zayn’s tweet. Factually.

As a Zarrie, I couldn’t help but notice how ill-timed Zayn’s tweet calling out the Grammys was (only ill-timed in the Zarry world, not in the outside world.) Seeing as how he has been a solo artist for many years now and never saw fit to say anything about the Grammys before. In fact, he even gleefully attended the Grammys and the events surrounding it, knowing full-well how all award shows operate behind the scenes.

Zayn at the Pre-Grammy Gala 3 years in a row:


Zayn at the literal Grammys in 2018 (because IDWLF was nominated for best song written for visual media.)


Point being, Zayn is no stranger to Grammy politics. He has been involved with them for a while now. Hell, One Direction were “snubbed” by the Grammys every year too, and were occasionally asked about it in the past.

So Grammy “snubs” happen every year, and they don’t just happen to artists of color. Simply put, everyone can’t be nominated. The way these elitist award shows work (The Oscars, The Emmys, The Grammys) is that you have to make a submission to even be considered for a nomination. Basically you have to apply yourself and campaign to even get a freaking nomination. These aren’t the People’s Choice Awards. You have to do footwork for these elite shows, something we know Zayn is unwilling to do. And only artists/actors willing to play the industry game are ever considered. These are people who work for major production studios or record labels and who have great agents and managers and PR teams etc. It’s all a gimmick, really. It always has been. That’s the case for all award shows, even the freaking openly rigged Teen Choice Awards.

Yes, I understand people want to make it about race and sure there is a debate to be had there (especially shows like the Oscars) but even though the Weekend was snubbed recently, he has factually won 3 Grammys in the past. And I also know that huge white artists like Katy Perry have never won a Grammy. So I do agree some snubs may be racially motivated, but I won’t ignore the fact that plenty of white people get snubbed as well. That’s just the way these award shows have always worked. It’s just a bunch of rich elitists rubbing elbows and patting each other on the back at the end of the day, so no I don’t feel bad for rich “snubbed” music artists.

Page Two: Why I Was Bothered By His Diss + The Zarry of It All

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  1. Did any notice even Jeff’s outfit was green and gold. I mean really… I don’t want to sound too crazy, but did he really have to wear green suit with a gold mask. It’s too coincidental. Whatever the meaning, it had to be done purposely.

    1. Yes I noticed that yesterday when I rewatched it for the 4th time lol. That does seem a bit strange. Maybe he wanted to match Harrys tweed green and gold jacket?

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