Zayn’s Lotus & Rose Skull Tattoos

In September 2013 shortly after the confirmation of the Zerrie Engagement, during the time Harry was making “anti-marriage” posts on his social media and protesting the engagement in interviews by openly mocking it with things like “Niall’s pregnant!”, Harry got a large rose tattoo on his arm.

Later in August 2015 after Zayn dumps Perrie after signing to a new record label, he went and got a large lotus tattoo to signify a new beginning, but what is highly significant about this large flower tattoo is that he got it on the exact same arm in the exact same spot as Harry got the large rose.

From then on Zarries referred to Zarry as “the Lotus and the Rose.”

In an shocking move to pay homage to his relationship with Harry, in early 2018 after getting the dumb overcompensating Gigi eye tattoo, Zayn went and got a massive lotus and rose combination tattooed to his freaking SKULL with the PETALS TOUCHING.

This was incredibly moving and important, because 2018 is a year Zarry are still theorized to be “together” in a long distance relationship that would culminate at the iconic “Still The One” performance at MSG in June 2018 (an important Zarry moment that I was told about in advance before it happened!)

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