Zigi Being Pathetic

Let’s be pathetic too. They’re always performing for the cameras and have zero shame. This is a cringe, undeniable, performance for her birthday, which is why they (despite years of looking like they repel each other) felt the need to fake PDA while walking 100ft to a food truck outside their door. Sigh. That’s why it’s so disheartening. But we anticipated this, and I see some of ya’ll are upset and looking for a place to rant.

I’m sorry but his face is becoming so gag-inducing to me because everything he does lately feels insincere and is for the media. It’s not the Zayn we used to know. I’m not even mad at her at this point. It’s all him. He just looks like a confused, weak man. That’s all I will say out of respect to a few of his fans who I consider friends. But the rest of ya’ll can go off if you want lmao. I saw some of ya’ll were mad on the other post.

Why Zigi continues to feel very wrong and deceitful on a fundamental level:

Zayn is contributing to this too. It’s undeniable:

At this point he is mocking us, and this is not ok.

Why, just why is he doing it?? Of all the things he could wear, he starts wearing Bode excessively and now pearls and green. That is so cruel and weak. He’s doing it on purpose and it shows. I’m sad that he would stoop so low as to bait Zarries and continues to do it. I think this is a taste of what Harry has experienced with him all along (apart from the broken promises he mentioned) but the continuous back and forth. The insincerity. The baiting as if he cares anything for Harry and then the sudden 180s (turns) he does with Gigi (or Perrie.) This man is a joke.

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  1. They didn’t even congratulate each on Mother’s and Father’s day😐 Trouble in Paradise lately😂

  2. AD… I have been meaning to ask you about a comment you made a few days ago. You noted that H is protecting Z by not coming out. That if he did ‘come out” ….people would 1000% realize that Z was his longtime lover. (I might have misinterpreted what you said but this was my take). It’s not that I disagree at all, I am just confused as to how this would come back to Zayn. Most people pretty much assume that Harry is at least bi, I think more people than we realize know about Zarry, but don’t discuss it, The news media chooses to ignore it.
    I guess my question is, what do you think would be the catalyst pointing at Zayn?.

    Thanks……appreciate you!,,

  3. I really hope that Z gets better because he’s such a bitch ass now! He needs to get his shit together and grow up, like Zayn, it’s not 2013 anymore. I really can’t imagine being in the shoes of H. I always have loved Z but I don’t think it’s gonna continue anymore. To be honest he wasn’t worthy of an album like ‘fine line’ written for him and I really wish HS3 isn’t about zayn unless he’s ready to give a 100℅. He’s not the person that Harry fell in love with that we all fell in love with. They both equally deserve happiness and peace even if it means for them to not be together. Does it hurt me to see Z do all this stuff I mean didn’t he hate media, pr and being watched? I don’t know but KARMA will get them both. Nevertheless, let’s all hope for them to be happy and peaceful and find the love that they deserve.
    I hope you all are safe and healthy. CORONA is another bitch. Fanksssss, ZD/AD for giving us space to rant about all this stuff. HAVE A WONDERFUL DAY ALL. Cheers 🙂

    Pro tip: if you ever feel sad and alone don’t 🙂
    and if u wanna talk about anything you can always message me on Instagram

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