Staged Zigi Pap Walk (3/25/21)

Yeah, I’m going to withhold comment on this one. But I noticed people were commenting on the pap walk in other posts, so I thought I’d make a separate post for anyone who wanted to discuss it. That way it’ll all be in one place. Sound off if you’d like!

I’m sorry, I’ll just say one thing. Don’t you find their behavior and body language to be odd? Awkward? Suspicious? Maybe because they know it’s glaringly obvious they setup this comical walk for the paps? Idek.

Zayn is wearing a ton of new rings, and some people pointed out they think he might be wearing a pearl bracelet. Idk if they are pearls, but they certainly look like it.

Uhhh…remind you of anyone?

So let me guess, just like the new Bode obsession Zayn acquired, and the new senior cords jacket he acquired shortly after Harry debuted his custom Bode senior cords pants in his December 2020 Vogue shoot, we’re supposed to believe this pearl connection is just another silly coincidence? Hmm…

Oh Hazza…

Zayn was also spotted out in Pennsylvania on March 24th, where on a rare occasion he took pics with a few fans.

All of this sudden exposure for Zigi (and especially Zayn) seems odd and calculated. It’s also out-of-character for him of late. I wonder what’s up? I guess we’ll seen in the ensuing days.

Oh and here’s Harry being cute.


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  1. Last thought on this: it kills me that Z lives so far away from his family when we know how close he was to them. The time away from home was one of the contributing factors to his stress in 1D. I see his mum posting tons of pics of her other grandkids and it makes me sad that Khai wont have the same sort of relationship with her paternal grandparents.

  2. Just for fun and out of curiosity I looked up the meaning of pearls after seeing Zayns bracelet and Harry’s ring, and how it relates to Zarry…white pearls symbolize new beginnings. In some Hindu lineages pearls are believed to strengthen relationships, protect lovers and reduce effects of karma. Some stories say white pearls are tears shed by the gods. Pearls also symbolize the moon and water due to their shape and milky color. In Verdic texts pearls are considered the daughter of the moon. Pearls symbolize loyalty, dedication and steadfastness….

  3. I know I’m spamming again; I’m in my zarry feels. I think this was part of my long comment that didn’t get through (I saw your comment and understood btw) but I didn’t save it so idk for sure if I posted this somewhere else already. Did anyone else notice that silver band Z was wearing on his ringfinger on his right hand. I wondered if anyone got to track it down? My stupid ass thought of the peace ring but ey 🤡 idek if it’s a significant ring but it’s on his ringfinger on an otherwise bare hand and just a simple silver band (it seems, there could also have been a black stone on it but that might’ve been lightning). It popping up now when he’s all about new beginnings (but not with G since she isn’t’ wearing one thankfully) could be meaningful.

    1. I thought that was interesting too. A single band on his right hand. The hand same sex couples wear their ring on. I found a decent pic and tried to enlarge it. Looks like its just a silver plain band.

    2. Yes i also noticed and i commented on that somewhere here. Muslim engagement rings are typically worn on the right finger by men! But I also thought about same-sex engagement/relationship

    3. Interesting. Especially since most men don’t wear engagement rings (Z sure didn’t when he got engaged to perrie from 2013-2015). Even when you take a trip down memory lane, from what I’ve seen he didn’t wear a simple band on that finger like this. There were either other rings on the hand or he wore the plain band on his index finger, not on the finger that would indicate a same sex relationship…

  4. Yes, the off body language and awaiting paps at both locations just point to a ‘this is a pap walk not a normal family outing’ vibe. I’m not surprised at all tbh. Anything zigi does is such obvious damage control for Z’s apparent lack of interest in her. He seems put off, as if he’s just playing out his part/keeping up his side of an agreement. The sheer contrast in his demeanor towards fans is telling too, he was happy to take pics in PA but turned down fans on the streets in NYC.

    Idk what Z thinks he’s still doing with G honestly. The only benefit zigi still offers him is providing his cover so he can sing about this actually complicated relationship he just can’t seem to make work. At this point whether he gets out of a relationship with G and into one with H exclusively, or anyone for that matter (interesting isn’t it, how G was ready to hop onto her next prey after zigi but Z hasn’t dated anyone else beside her publicly after getting together when he went solo), it would be so much better for him to just be himself for a while. To embrace every aspect of himself while living out a peaceful life on his beloved farm while co parenting his little girl and keep away from these industry politics he wants to distance himself from anyway, right? I just find it so weird how this person who left the biggest boy band in the world (and his best friend/love/soulmate but anyway) for his own mental health can’t decide when it’s time to call it quits on a toxic PR charade.

  5. Ive debated on and off wether Gigi knows about Z and H and now obv she must. Does anyone else find it strange that now she wants us and whoever else knows about them to KNOW that SHE knows by wearing the butterflies robe, socks, and Harley shirt during the unfuxkwitable challenge? Did zayn know she was going to do that? And if so isnt that kind of vindictive? I just feel like this whole thing is getting really ugly if thats whats happening and I feel bad for H.

  6. I’ve been thinking about the zquad a lot and z-stans in general. I love Zayn he has always been my favorite and I was happy when he left 1D because he looked so exhausted by the end of it.

    BUT… the Z-Stans are a new level. They are so blind and I imagine they only makes things harder for Zayn, as he may feel a certain responsibility to this group regarding his public relationship.

    Anyways, I was just thinking “what if” he did come out, what If zayn did a tell all. Would these “stans” still support him? I hope they would. My point is just that the same people who claim to love him so much are the same ones putting Zayn in this box and pushing the Zigi narrative so hard. If you’re a genuine Zayn Malik fan I would hope you could see through the exterior by looking at the symmetry between his exhausted demeanor in late 2014 to early 2015 with these pap walks.

    On the flip side, can’t wait for “My Policeman!” So proud of Harry. The energy surrounding him right now and his career is so positive. Then compare that to Z’s energy….. to be together is the LAST thing H needs at the moment. And I pray he keeps his distance for his own sake.

    Zayn has to work out his own issues, on his own. Until then, Zarry should remain dead.

  7. I think a common thread in this puzzle is the inability to get a “read” on Zayn. I don’t think many people can and I don’t see that changing anytime soon. It seems that he is letting Gigi and her team have too much control over his career and life. When he cancelled the 1st appearance on the Zack Sang was her team that cancelled for him. She s also very involved with his Assistant, Stylist and Hairdresser. I’ve often wondered if he has anyone on his team that is solely dedicated to him and has no ties to Gigi or the Hadids. I have never been a fan of Gigi’s. I think she is condensing, hypocritical, manipulative and controlling. Regardless of his status w/ Harry….he needs to get away from Gigi. Ironically, Harry is probably one of the main people that he could trust and also help him set up a professional team that would give him the support that his music deserves. PAP walks, Gigi involvement and drama surrounding his life looks cheap and tacky. Zayn is too talented to lower himself to this level.

    1. I agree. It’s just incomprehensible seeing someone presumably as intelligent as Z making bad decision after bad decision regarding his professional and personal life. It feels hopeless, and I think there’s more that comes into the equation that we dare consider or say out loud, and allegedly deep mental health and addiction issues.

    2. Getting oneself untangled from a toxic family situation is a lot harder than it looks (especially with children involved) – it can get really really ugly. Being intelligent, wealthy, and famous doesn’t make it any less challenging. It’s hard to fathom unless you’ve been through it … I do think Z is getting stronger and speaking up for himself more, which is great 🙂

    3. @AnnieB,truly,Harry knows more people in the industry who would allow Zayn to work on his terms than Gigi who cuz of her mother and because she never had the courage to stand up against her controlling mother,has known only toxic and solely money minded people.Zayn’s media involvement is embarrassing,to put it out lightly. A few years back,though is my country Zayn is extremely famous,I wasn’t much interested in Hollywood celebs except Taylor Swift,Celine Dion,Lady Gaga,Miley Cyrus and Shakira,I knew of Zayn’s name only cuz I’d seen endless articles with the headlines,’Supermodel Gigi Hadid and boyfriend Zayn Malik’.Never did I know that he was a singer/songwriter,forget about being THAT talented.I got to know he was a singer only when I heard he’d covered Allah Duhai Hain,and that too cuz of my mom, not cuz of media🤦🏻‍♀️
      Look at Harry’s headlines instead,after he’s gone solo.Setting aside the initial Holivia frenzy,it’s always about his career,the way he’s carving a niche and influencing many, many people.
      The Azoffs are going to start a recording label in association with Shawn Holiday, who’s worked closely with RCA & Columbia both,probably under SONY soon.Let’s just hope that the Azoffs can risk working with Zayn because even if Zayn feels ready and confident now,he might relapse anytime.But I really,really hope that Zayn gets away from that toxic family.If anything,they’re affecting him negatively😭
      I hope Khai and her happiness can outweigh Zayn’s issue if he does not make a move to get outside that toxic family.

      1. Naturally I would like to see H & Z work out their problems and be together. However, before that can happen, Zayn has to take control of his life. The saying ‘a known evil is better than an unknown evil” comes into play here. I think 3 things make Z happy..his baby, music & weed. He plays the “Zigi” game and in turn she allows him time with his baby, then be left alone w/ his music and weed. This entire relationship is beyond toxic. I would hope that he is getting professional help (good management would insist upon it) to get his life back on track. At this rate, the smoking will ruin his voice, the weed will take over his motivation and Gigi will leave with the baby once she has milked him of his fame and money. He is too good for this….I don’t see anyone (his family included) stepping in to help him. Harry would do this and more for Zayn….yet it seems Zayn pushes him away.

        1. I agree I think G is manipulating Z he’s not strong and confident. I don’t think his family likes her which is why we haven’t seen him with them since 2018. She possibly separated him from his friends and family. I thought she wasn’t bad but now I am wondering she’s very high Maintenance and wants attention their personality’s clash. What she wants from him idk I have a feeling she will throw him away once she gets what she wants and will drive him crazy when she makes sure that he won’t see khai I hated Z now I am actually scared. He was happy around his fans and with her he looks scared.

  8. I often come across the opinion that G and her family know something about Zyan’s past that could hurt him and that’s why he stayed with G. I’m starting to think, maybe I’m wrong, but Z and G got together again at the end of 2019, already was Herry’s album out, in which he signs and professes the love of one and the same person. Z could have been frightened that the suspicion had fallen on him, so he would definitely return to G for a while. They had been in a relationship before and they broke up. But this time G became pregnant after a very short time. He couldn’t just leave anymore, he had to stand up to it responsibly, otherwise in the eyes of his family of friends, but if he was a coward to others and there would be a lot of criticism he couldn’t afford if he wanted to open up and go out with his feelings in the future to another man. And so he remained with the knowledge that although he does not love G, he is expecting his child and wants to participate in her upbringing. There are many such couples in the world who are together only for the sake of a child and when time allows they go apart, but they participate in the upbringing even if they no longer form a couple. Z may have thought it would be calm, without pap and publicity, but G is different, she wants to be seen, she wants to be written about her, so that her popularity grows. Z, on the other hand, likes to be secluded, unseen except when it comes to his music. Therefore, G is forced to create a false image of a happy family. Therefore, those staged photos, or walks for pap. Maybe she’s the one who talks and falsely convinces how all this is important for her procedural life. And that’s why Z looks as sad, angry in all those shots. He only has a happy smile when he talks about his music, or when he’s with the fans like in his IG live broadcast. Maybe he still wants to be with Harry and loves him, only now he doesn’t wish them time and that’s why at least at a distance he wants to tell him your symbols with small symbols like a pearl bracelet or Bode. And maybe nothing is the case and I just imagine it, because I wish they were together. But I know that they are not yet strong enough to transcend together and tell the world that they are together. I mainly need the support of my families and friends, and we who love them will definitely support them ❤️

    1. @Exi I agree with you on all aspects.It’s definitely hard to explain how you’ve been in a hot mess of long term relationships,especially being engaged priorly and now having a baby with someone while being in love with someone you met long before you met any of your long term girlfriends.Sigh…😔

    2. Well the main thing the Hadids would have over Zayn is Harry. I don’t believe for second that they don’t know everything about Z & H….(Gigi is probably waiting for the TTUM addition along with all of us…lol) ! They are the type that use personal info against people as a way to control them. However, I doubt they are stupid enough to go up against Harry.

      1. if Z & H become a team and out their info,it would be an endless hot mess for them,cuz though H is extremely kind,he has changed a lot now,and it shows on his face and the way he has formed major numerous connections inside the industry,he can pull out the worst dirt.I just hope Hadids don’t use personal info regardless of H and Z exposing them.It will be horrible for Khai and all their fans.

  9. She probably called the paps to her apartment as well.There’s a person of insta with the @,@newyorkxx6 who’s had an agreement with Gigi and other celebrities for quite sometime.It doesn’t make sense why Zayn,who himself wasn’t spotted out during the pandemic,outside,would take out his little baby (Though it was rumoured that Zayn had travelled to London for once or twice).They were literally standing in front of their apartment door waiting to be properly papped,and yes,it was awkward.They had no reason to be out for strolling around in NY’s polluted air when their baby probably had a lot of fresh air in PA.
    Some people were saying that they looked awkward cuz they were being papped🙄 dude,are paps always around G’s SoHo apartment to know when she’s taking out her baby?

  10. I think another reason Z has been so blatantly trying to prove himself to the media/public as this ‘family man’ or ‘loving father’ is because he realises that H will come out with new music soon, probably late this year or early next year.

    We all know this baby news has affected Harry to a certain extent. Not doing any interviews or many public appearances. Not even bothering to go on his social media to talk about things other than promotion related or covering a worldwide tragedy. And it hurts me to see him like this.

    I think Harry’s next album will turn towards a more soulful and emotional album, possibly taking inspiration from works like Adele’s ’25’ album, which she explained was about a young live that she lost.

    I really would love them to be together, but the toxicity that is just implemented in just songs and lyrics about their relationship, doesn’t show how broken and despaired both of them (mainly H) are feeling.

    And don’t want to let go of this couple, I really don’t, but I don’t want either of them to get more hurt. I’m sorry to say, but, R.I.P Zarry Stylik

  11. Ooh interesting, InZayn uploading a video today on YouTube of Zayn’s live performance of Like I Would at the iHeart Radio Music Awards. This was from 5 years ago, wonder why they chose to upload that song?

    I’m clowning again, despite saying yesterday I was over Zarry, I can’t help’s like I know they’re over then these little things appear and I’m right back on it again 😂

        1. It isn’t verified and they literally have no content that hasn’t been published or leaked already.They legit uploaded lyrics video from Apple lyrics.Zayn’s lazy ass team (which had broken up once before 2018 for Zayn’s reluctance to work like most ‘celebrities’,and people have no information if it’s been reformed properly) doesn’t own any account except for their verified ones on Twitter and Instagram.
          And yeah you might be correct since it hasn’t been called out by Zayn or his team but his team wouldn’t certainly be uploading videos that regularly.

      1. I thought it was real as Zayn follows them on Instagram. Anyway I’ve stopped clowning because they’ve uploaded that ridiculous video of GG doing the unfuckwitable challenge and I can’t watch that it gives me second hand embarrassment 🤮🥴

        1. Truly😭Zquads were attackin ppl for not findin G hot in the vdo,like the fawk? How is the video hot in any sense???😭😭😭
          Like,I’m not the person who thinks people are hot cuz of their bodies,I’m sapio but damn,dude,everyone is allowed to find anyone hot and anyone not, who’re you to dictate me?
          She looks so😭😐🤮🥴,but you know,just smile and 🤐

  12. Biggest clue that these pics were staged: where’s the baby bag? Diapers? Change of clothes? The 1,001 things you have to pack whenever you travel with a tiny human?

  13. Let me tell you I am so tired. I’ve wanted to comment for days about this nonsense but it just makes me so tired I’m just done.

    The Pap walk on the 25th was the most awkward and ridiculous thing I’ve seen from these two. They looked like they had nowhere to go and they were just walking up and down the street. They kept stopping over and over for what seemed to be no reason at all. They kept staring into the stroller but never really interacted with the baby. They look like they had nowhere to go and didn’t know what to do outside. I think that’s why the next day on the 26th they actually picked a destination and went to the museum so it wouldn’t be so awkward. The other thing is there are literally photographers camped outside of their house 24 hours a day just sitting on the sidewalk waiting to get pictures and I think because they know that G takes the baby out at least once a day that G knows to take advantage of that situation to get her picture taken. The photographers would have had to of been told that they were going to the museum because there are no photographers hanging out in front of the museum and it’s nowhere near their house. So day one was staged in front of their house but they had nowhere to go. Day two was staged when they tipped off the Photographers that they were going to the museum.

  14. my thoughts? I think Harry bailed on a half assed relationship with Zayn. I think he wants a REAL relationship and won’t take anything else which I am sure pissed off Zayn, so this all is about his reactions.

  15. This has nothing to do with “the walk” but I personally find it so frustrating that Zayn does interviews but the interviewers walk on egg shells with there questions… Like the questions about the Grammys, obviously Harry won etc but not a word from them. It’s so weird. And no mention ever of 1D. Like really. I understand to a point but its the reason he is know. I feel like, even in his career he wears a mask so to speak. Was it that bad?

    1. It may have be on a No Ask list – the list of questions that are given before interviews by the celebrity’s management that the interviewer is not allowed to ask

  16. I really don’t see what some people see when they say Z looks happy. Of course he would smile on a photo with fans, especially since it was the birthday of one of the girls.
    But his pap pics tell a very different story. He looked really uncomfortable with G despite the fact that (since they have a baby) they’re probably spending more time together now. It’s even more awkward considering that the second time their pics got taken she tried to weirdly hold his arm while his hands were placed on the stroller.
    I doubt he wore the bracelet here to appease H or any of the sort, since you could barely see it unless he lifted his arm, to me it seemed more introspective in a way. But nevertheless, something really weird is going on and he seems to be going back ans forth between trying to be more open and hiding it all

    1. Agreed. Except he did seem to be genuinely happy in PA. The first girl he took pics with (the restaurant owner daughter) posted a video about the encounter. She gushed about him being very sweet and open for conversation with them plus he offered to take pictures himself after they gave him space to enjoy his meal – which could mean he was just being nice because they were but he took pics with the other people too so he was probably just in a really good mood. Interesting was how she mentioned a ‘them’ and ‘their’ so whoever he was with in PA made for a much happier Z than the mother of his child the very next day. He just seemed so much more in his element there; wearing his comfort bode, smiling bright (even with fans he didn’t always give a proper smile like that in the past), looking healthy and yes just happy. Even his body language toward the fans was more open than towards G. How can someone’s body language with, mind you, the mother of your child (you have been very intimate together right) be so off time and time again?!

    1. Nah, I don’t think so too. If there was any significance for Z to make a public appearance on this day it would probably be to subtly remind people of him and this date and what happened that day. Him leaving 1D of course, but also him releasing his record breaking debut album a year later. So maybe to spike up some numbers, even though I just truly don’t think he cares that much about numbers given his demeanor around promo and how he’s satisfied with the respons NIL got for example even though that was undeservingly underwhelming yet again.

    1. That’s what saddens me the most. Behavior trumps words especially if that behavior goes on for years. It nullifies the power behind the words, especially if they are empty promises. And what sucks is that Zayn seems unhappy with the actions himself, and has the body language of a person who wants to extract himself from the Zigi situation, but won’t.

      1. So true about the body language especially when you compare it to Z and H in their 1D days. I guess that’s why the staged pap ops look so unnatural. We’ve seen Z interact with H and it’s just a night and day difference.

      2. That is the big mystery for me AD, is what is holding him to all of this when he seems to want to extract himself out of the situation as you say. Why do a pap walk when your body language looks like you are annoyed and don’t want to be doing this, what is the point. He is such a contradiction sometimes.
        It almost feels like when you see someone who has been taken hostage and they are given a script to read in front of a camera because it is for the captors benefit or cause. But you hope the people back home can see by your body language or how your say those things that you are not in agreement with what they are having you say and do. I know Zayn is a grown man and he is not being held hostage in a physical sense but I’m starting to feel that maybe he is being held by something we don’t yet see. It also seems to me that they did pick the 25th specifically. I think they tried to get some promotion out of it. MOM was trending because of its anniversary and it also gave GG a chance to get her picture taken maybe? I don’t know who is actually making his promotional decisions for his album but it seems very amateurish if you ask me. He is so talented and regardless of anything else I hope he can get himself sorted out. I feel that he needs to find the brave Zayn again who left the band for his own good. I think he is trying. Just my opinion.

  17. I find it v funny. These two, in the midst of pandemic ,with a baby to see a museum. Its laughable. I am mother of two n my youngest is just 1 and half years old. We avoid going out n if we go out, we carry baby essentials(milk bottle,diaper, towel, wipes ,extra clothes etc) in a bag. I have not seen any bag with them whenever they are out with stroller. For Harry, i wish him courage to move on.

  18. The amount of promo Z did for “To Begin Again” vs what he did for NIL doesn’t make sense. I must say he sounded relaxed and happy during those radio interviews. And he looks healthy and happy in the pics with the fans in PA.

    This is my theory: he was excited about “To Begin Again” bec he’s made some momentous decision in his life and soon will be starting a new chapter in his life. Something that has brought him peace. The Zigi photos in NYC could be part of whatever the decision was.

    We wait and see.

    1. Hey Anon, you are so right, it is incredibly strange that Zayn didn’t do promo for his third studio album, but timed the release of his GQ covers and tons of interviews around a collab which he isn’t even the lead artist on???? Yikes. Terrible marketing skills, whoever is in control of that department of his career. Imagine if we had of gotten all this for Zayn’s own music? That would’ve been nice.

      1. Does Zayn not promote his own music because he’s afraid? I mean he has lied in the past about when songs were written to protect his truth. In my opinion when he talked about Tightrope he seemed very vulnerable. He makes albums and wants people to buy them but I think ultimately they are for one person to hear and understand. The whole situation is just sad.

        1. I share this sentiment regarding Z. I don’t think he cares that much about the numbers because he is set for life, no worries there for him and his little girl. His team and G however would be interested in seeing their ‘investment’ thrive. So when it comes to promoting sensibly they are really lacking. Then again at the end of the day the best promo would be making public appearances and actually performing live – or whatever the possibilities are given the current situation. That’s up to Z and we’ve all seen how he can’t seem to bring himself to do so yet. I hope for his own sake he keeps his promises this time about performing live when he can again. Whatever road he chooses next, connecting with his audience over his everlasting love, music, will never be in vain.

    2. yes! the marketing strategy of his ‘team’ really sucks. Not only it is dumb not to do any major promo for his 3d album (they tried thing promo thing with NIL truck but even that was abandoned, they couldn’t even send it to some major music/insta influencers), but it also seems very inconsistent – why do all these interviews for a small single?? Also, the timing for ‘To Begin Again’ couldn’t be more horrible – how dumb it is to release it the same week Justin Bieber releases his album? Come on? JB is one of his closest competitors, genre-wise -/ It really was a promotional suicide – you can’t stand a chance when a heavily promoted machine like JB goes for a major release (JB label clearly has a huge marketing budget for sure).

      And what Z decides to do instead yet again? Yep. Pap walking with G – Like.. Does this pr romance helps to increase his sales/downloads/steams? Nope, a saw the stats, no positive dynamics. Unless he did it to rub it in someone’s face.. But i really hope that’s not the case. Btw he looks detached, alarmed and exhausted in those pics.. would not call him healthy/glowing at all.

      1. He definitely looked detached and scarily alarmed.I feel so bad for both of them, ugh…Zayn,sweetie,
        “Sometimes giving up is the strong thing
        Sometimes to run is the brave thing
        Sometimes walking out is the one thing
        That will find you the right thing
        And you know in your soul
        When it’s time to go
        You know, you know, you know, you know
        When it’s time to go
        So then you go
        Then you go
        You just go”

  19. I’m here for that cute pics of H you put at the end.
    Screw Zigi.

    P.s. I still love Z to the moon and back thou. He was, is, my fav during 1D and I’ll always, always, have a soft spot for him. :’)

    1. I like to hear people who love zayn feeling as though they can finally express certain frustrations with what’s been going on lately, without fear of retaliation from his insane, insecure stans who refuse to be critical of him in the least. Looking the other way doesn’t make uncomfortable realities disappear. Glad that you still love him (everyone should) and I share your sentiments about Zigi unfortunately because he is clearly uncomfortable with that girl. no matter how much his stans try to pretend otherwise. People’s issue with zigi is not all about Harry.

      1. You’re so right about this. It’s kinda crazy how when it comes to celebrities we tend to just accept what they throw at us. I’m glad there are people who can do both, love them and be critical of them because we want more from and for them – as you said so fittingly. I absolutely love Z but I love H too and want way more for him. And still, I catch myself trying to find a (noble) reason behind Z’s weird behavior towards H even when I’m ‘being critical’ of him. I have such a soft spot for him idk why plus he’s so difficult to understand and I don’t want to misjudge him. Whereas H seems so much more open as he puts it (at least in his music, reading him throughout the moments before and after his releases can be tricky too).

        1. H is really not open about his personal life. I agree with you about his music. He put his heart and soul into Fine Line. H has this incredible ability to do interviews and sound like he’s answering certain questions when he really didn’t. It just shows how intelligent he is. The boys used to tease him about talking slowly. They didn’t seem to get that H takes the time to really think about what he says.

          1. I think H and Z are both really honest and vulnerable in their music … and more guarded during interviews .. like they don’t mind people hearing and relating to their general experiences and emotions, but they’d prefer to keep the details of their personal lives private (as they should) in order to protect their relationships and people they care about.

  20. i hope he isn’t pap walking because he’s gonna release an MV on 7 April/8 May…cuz if he does imma question the existence of fate & destiny

      1. Hahahah, it’s not him who released a mv after all… It’s baby G released her half-assed Unfukwitable challenge.. ugh
        Such a lame attempt btw. She couldn’t even tag him or his track title or summat

        But to be serious, Z is better be preparing anything music-related anytime soon.. Unless we gagged through this ‘brilliant’ pr appearances for nothing

        Thanks once again AD for your amazing content! Take care

    1. I see what you did there with the dates. And yes everything Z does these days regarding zarry (if he is at all, but imo he is so here goes) seems dissatisfactory. The mv will at least show if there is any significance to the white pearls, because it didn’t seem planned to showcase them during the pap walk. I also think the mv will be for ‘to begin again’ – even though it would be nice if he did one for connexion considering he named that one to be his fave and it’s so zarry to me – considering his new hair corresponding with the tba sky white/grey/blueish theme and white pearls signifying new beginnings too. It would be nice if Z would make clear whom his new beginning with is aimed at since actually both H and G were seen wearing white pearls… but well G copies H way too much anyway so

  21. I almost had a cardiac arrest cuz I thought Gigi was wearing Harry’s budget friendly necklaces in her chest pocket🤣💀😭

    Also,I’m glad that Khai is a quiet,non-whiny baby whom they’re exposing to Museum since a baby age,she’ll be more like Zayn that way otherwise the way the Hadids are surrounding her,she’ll grow up to a cringe person😭with extreme hunger for money.

    I don’t dislike Gigi but I hate Yolanda and the fact Gigi and Bella’s entire careers are controlled by their facist mother is so disappointing.Gigi couldn’t follow her passion cuz of her mom,it’s just sad…

    1. ikr, that woman is just scary. I hate how khai’s ‘oma’ can be so controlling towards G but wonder how much influence she has on her day to day life. I felt like a big ass clown but when I saw G in her ginger updo and Z with that orange cap – that seemed to be of the Dutch soccer team: knvb cup – I thought they were promoting/supporting the Dutch soccer theme lol (there is some big soccer qualification rounds going on right now here in the Netherlands, I asked my brother lol) and thought of Yolanda immediately but let’s not take these moments of mine too seriously, I just like to share them for my fellow clowns 🤡💀

      1. idk anything about soccer and all😭 and i’ve no idea what u r talkin about💀
        and yeah,we’ve no idea how much yola controls g in her everyday life but she’s like,always there despite g & bella being so grown up and strong,independent women,and surely,even if they love their mom who didn’t let them choose for themselves,they would surely want more freedom.there was a media outlet,i think it’s known as celeb gossip or something that talked about how gp would eat up the young,hot couple zigi,and how beneficial it’d be for g to choose z over joe jonas for z had twice more sm following despite deleting his insta acc. once. remember all this happened when z & g were ZIGI also said how G was looking forward to changing relationships every few months (much like taylor did during most part of her career when she was associated with Big Machines) before she realised how much more beneficial it was for her to keep dating z and make herself look like a dedicated gf,and you’ll see,when these two separate for once and for all,IF anyone would be blamed for the fall of ZIGI it’ll be Z,and not G or her family.

        1. yeah I was having a moment, we can all just ignore that lol. And yes definitely, when they finally will split up – because they 100% will but only when it’s convenient for G or when she can’t keep it going with Z acting up/spiralling out or gaining bad press – all the blame will indeed fall on Z. Since people can’t see how this relationship is purely for public purposes and G makes such a big deal of coming across as an amazing girlfriend, mother, friend, daughter, perfect person basically, she might even profit more post zigi breakup than by forcefully keeping zigi going. Imagine the media attention, sympathy gain, follower increase, possible work project offers (single, working mom clothing and lifestyle content will keep people going). Especially when she’s all in your face showing off her mommy vibes and Z’s public appearances are when he’s high during his ig livestream or when he’s spitefully out with her herself too.

  22. I feel like we can’t really know what is truly going on because there’s just so much to deal with. If this is accurate and all the clothing and the way he expressed himself in NIL and this and that, then idk how to feel about it because I want them to be happy, but this back and forth can be draining to both of them. He looks kinda drained as well, something is off on him, something is definitely up.

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